Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You Wouldn't Get It, It's a Runners Thing

Sometimes I feel left out of things because people know that I run. The invites to go out to the bars become fewer and far in between on Friday's becaue you have declined too often due to having to get up early the next morning for a long run. You feel like you have less things to talk about becaues all you want to talk about is how your neck is sore from straining and grimacing so much from your first incline workout the previous day. You limp and lope around because your calves hurt and your co-workers tell you to stop running if its so painful and causes injury.

I get lots of advice without asking for it, and lots of grief and worried looks for no reason. I have been pulled off to the side due to my weight loss over the past year. Ummm I have been running and eating healthy. I have been told not to run so many miles. I have been told that when I am 40 I will have wished I didn't run so much in my 20's. I have been told to eat more sugar, and more greasy food to increase my calories. I have been told to do this or to do that. Why would I want to please someone that clearly has no idea what I am going through? I do not want to increase my calories via fast food and/or fried food just to make someone else happy.

People look at me weird when I pass on brownies or re-fill my water bottle that holds 32oz for the tenth time that day. I am so tired of the looks and the comments. I wish that I worked in a fitness industry where my weird habits of eating peppers and hummus for lunch wasn't frowned upon or induced concern. I wish that I could rave about my run from last night to someone, instead of fearing that someone will hear that I ran 10 miles the day before, just for fun.

It is hard to be a runner. It is hard to move through life amongst non runners. It is hard to not feel left out and to realize that you belong to a better club. A club that cares about well being and health. That black toenails signify winning a battle. That winning a lottery slot for a marathon is equal to winning a lottery of monetary value (ok maybe not like multi million dollar jackpots but you understand...)

I guess I am having an off day. I guess I am bored at work and feeling down in the dumps. I don't know. Just some things that have been on my mind lately. Sorry for the rant!


  1. Its kinda like when I say I have 30 more pounds to lose ALL I GET IS THAT WOULD BE WAY TOO MUCH YOU WOULD BE TOO SKINNY!!! I could lift up my shirt do jumping jacks and then they would agree with me about the 30 pounds.

    Chin up buttercup,people are/may just be jealous of your ability to do all of these things and of your strength and will power.

    Im not in the runner category yet, but I get the turning down bar invites because of not wanting to put that into our bods... but think about how much better you feel after a long run than after a long night of drinking and booty shaking (hey we should go out in workout clothes and booty shake with our waters)

    do not feel down in the dumps, its a crummy time of year and for people like you to be strong and continue to push and work hard and be healthy in very envious.

    THOSE WHO MATTER DONT MIND AND THOSE WHO MIND DONT MATTER (and wont judge your hummus eating and 10 mile running ways)!!!

    ps i love you and thats all that realy matters anyway!!!

  2. Ummm so as i posted this I had to enter in a word:


    Just think of you being the pimp and when they give you "advice" ask them if they want a bite of your pepper or if they want to go to the gym with you maybe they are silently reaching out... you could be the pimp and they could be your hoes hahahahaha (Im a proud melissa ho) HAHAHAHAHA Sorry for the randomness = bored at work as well

  3. I get it! Let's run Chicago October 9, 2011!!!

  4. OMG YES!!!! Is it wrong that one of the blogs I read signed up for Chicago and I was like UGH I want to run Chicago. I think we should all run the Nike Womens Marathon. You get a Tiffany's necklace for finishing! HECK YES!!

  5. First, anyone who tells you to eat fast food for more calories is dumb and has probably never experienced runner's trots. Second, the fashion industry is another good one if you don't want to be judged. Everyone else will be on a diet and envy you for eating more than them but not being fat. Third, I have also been thinking about Chicago b/c one of my good friends will be moving there soon and I have been wanting to run a full in the fall. It's one of a couple under consideration. We should all meet and discuss. AT THE BAR!

  6. Keep up the great work!

    I completely understand how you feel. I have to skip out on multiple happy hours and more because of my early long runs. And I know how much nutrition affects my performance.

    That's why we all need our runner/blogger friends!! :)