Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I came, I saw and I (did not) conquer

I "swam" laps today. It wasn't pretty. Nothing kicks you when you are already down than swimming next to the swim team. Said swim team is a bunch of middle schoolers that were swimming WAY faster than me and had obviously "swimmers" form. I did not. I am sure I looked SUPER awkward in the pool.

1. my bathing suit that I bought 2 years ago was baggy. Nothing says amateur than a baggy swimsuit!
2. My goggles had the stickers on them and I remembered at the last moment to peel them off the lenses.
3. I got kicked out of my lane....by toddlers (after school program)
4. Which put me in the lane directly next to the swim team
5. Teenage girls are harsh. Fairly certain that they were making fun of me as I was splashing the whole time and acted as if I was drowning. I basically was, as I am a HORRIBLE swimmer!!!

I used to think I was quite the swimmer. I used to swim with my mom a ton growing up. Not so much anymore. After splashing through 4 laps I had to take a breather. Good thing I brought my water bottle and had it right at the end of the lane. I definitely drank all 32 oz in 30 minutes.

Swimming is hard work and it would be very beneficial to my cardiovascular to incorporate swimming into it. Not just as an "i can't run so I guess i'll do this" thing.

I shared my lap lane with a triathlete. Her shoulder had a number tan line. I was ultra intimidated. However she was super nice. I told her it was my first time in the pool and if I got her in way to just kick me! She asked if I was a runner and I said yes, and that I was out of commission due to a knee injury. She said that is how she started swimming as well and that now she loves it. She said she'd see me at a race this summer. I thought that was really nice of her. However, that was before she saw me swim!

It got me thinking, maybe with my biking to work and trying to start swimming more I might try to do a triathlon. I definitely need to work on the swimming though. FO SHO!


  1. So proud of you...hopefully you found the silver lining:)

  2. I always pick a lane with someone who looks like a worse swimmer so I can feel better about myself and pass them. But if you go at an off hour to the Edge you can usually get your own! Perhaps we should do a swim together and I can help you with what little triathlon swimming technique I still possess. Only if you promise not to make fun of how uncool I look in a swim cap.

  3. Liz, I wont make fun of you in a swim cap if you don't make fun of my bagging swimsuit!