[about me]

I'm Melissa. I am a late twenty something year old. I live in Vermont and I absolutely LOVE it here. Yes, it gets cold in the winters but I can tolerate it. The other three seasons make up for the long cold winters. If you have you ever seen Stowe in October then you would know what I am talking about. Absolutely beautiful!

                                          From our 2008 October wedding in Stowe, Vermont

I married my best friend, Alan. We met in the fall of 2005 after he moved to Vermont from Colorado. He met me a few weeks after his move and has been stuck in VT ever since! I am sure he wouldn't have it any other way!

As a wedding present from Alan he got me a dog. It took us almost a year and a half before we found the right one to fit our family though.  We rescued a Husky mix, Sirius Wiki (pronounced sear us - wicky) or better known as SWP, from Canada in 2010.

           this is SWP at 4 weeks when we went to Canada to pick him out from his litter.

Because it was my wedding present I  had the ultimate decision on the breed, where we got him from, and naming him. I never really had a dog growing up and he has exceeded all my expectations. He is my favorite running partner. Sorry A-Pod, but it's true.

I ran the Keybank City Marathon in May 2008. I thought it would be a great way to slim down for my upcomming wedding. After training for months I completed my first 1/2 marathon (2:27:44) I took a lot of time off after that and ran only a few miles when I did run. I guess I just didn't really love it. I viewed it as a weight loss tool, or something that I should do.

                                     My friend Mandi and I after finishing 13.1 miles in 2008

One of the promises I had to make in order to get an active dog like a husky was that I would exercise Sirius. I promised that I would do whatever it took to make sure that our dog was well exercised and wasn't a bum. After picking him up in late January 2010 my real running career started. He and I both gradually increased our mileage and increased our pace. I started doing races in the fall of 2010 and even competed in one with SWP.

                                             After my 5 mile Breast Cancer Awareness run

I started blogging to keep track of my miles that I run and to document my goal of reaching 1,000 miles in a year. I also wanted to keep track of upcoming races and my results from those races. I also will be adding anything and everything that comes to mind on any given day. Hope you enjoy my blog and my crazy life!