Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What does a runner do when a runner can't run?

I called Alan this morning while at work and started crying. I have tried to put on a brave face and to suck it up and to cross train etc however, its really getting to me. What does a runner do when a runner can't run?

Alan suggested to NOT run today (again) and to maybe try swimming. We live basically next to the gym and they have open swimming all day long. I realized that wasn't such a bad idea and figured I would give it a go. He then added, "that is what a lot of people do after they have knee surgery!" - insert more tears. In my mind I went to a really crazy place. Is he saying that he thinks I need knee surgery? I told you that I went to a crazy place.

At lunch today I went back to Dick's and purchased a pair of goggles for my swim today. I figure even when my knee does get better -because I know it will get better- swimming will still be a great cross training workout. The only problem with swimming is how hungry I get. Like cannot get enough food in my mouth, chew fast enough to get said food in my stomach, hungry. So this should be interesting seeing as how I am trying to watch what I eat and lose the two pounds that has somehow found me since Sunday despite trying to LOSE weight to be on this weight loss challenge.

Depression hurts....and yes, I am slightly - ok if we are being honest I am really Depressed!

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  1. I'm sending you positive vibes. Having an injury sucks, but I know you will get better and be kicking butt in races all spring, summer and fall!