Monday, March 14, 2011


6 miles /1.0/ 46.30
60 min body pump
1 mile / 8:30 in Vibrams

I am so excited to be breaking out the Vibrams again! I am slowly trying to get used to them again and not rushing it like I did a month or two back. *I made the huge mistake of doing 4 miles one day and the next day doing another 4 in the Vibrams. My calves hurt like none other! Now I am slightly smarter and taking is slower, only ran 1 mile in them.

I ran all summer in these shoes and didn't have a single injury. No cramps, or sprains; nothing. I loved it. I felt free and connected to the world. I ran through Europe in them. I ran many races in them. I am so excited to get them back on and get back to running with them. They are like an old friend. You don't realize how much you missed them until you have a visit!

I noticed this winter from running in "shoes" again that my knees, hips, ankles, everything, has been hurting. I am hoping that weening back into my 5 fingers that those aches and pains will disappear like they did last summer. Here's hoping!

If you haven't tried Vibram Five Fingers yet, I highly recommend them. Especially if you have any running ailments then I really recommend them. They have vastly improved my stride and how I run. I feel like I have more of an appreciation of running and am thankful to them for that!

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