Thursday, March 17, 2011


I am exhausted and have been all week. This whole clock time changing thing really effects me in a negative way. Every year I just get so run down after the clocks change. Who would have thought one measley hour would drastically affect me so much!

On a more positive note; due to the fact that the clocks did change it is lighter longer in the day. However, it also means that I am drivng to work in the dark. FAIL. I cannot wait until it is light again in the mornings and with the warmer temperatures I can resume my runs in the morning. Hopefully that will also help my poor over heating husky!

I am going to attempt to take SWP out for a run today after work. It is going to be slightly warmer than it was on Tuesday (a high of 47 today!!!!) so we'll see how he does. Alan assures me that once he blows his winter coat he will do better. He better or else I am trading him in for a grey hound! Just kidding! I would never...Or would I?

I took yesterday off so I could run some errands. I haven't skipped a workout in a long time. Like a real planned workout. I almost always make it to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays. Those are like the fixed days in my schedule so that I can run on the treadmill and also do an hour of my weight class. However, my knee was a little stiff, and I had so much to do. I was able to accomplish all my errands that would have otherwise been spread out the rest of the week. So thankfully, I don't have to do anything today after work except run! After my run I think I will take my bike to the shop and get the tune up it so desperately needs! HOPEFULLY once I get my bike back from the shop I will start riding into work. Its ridiculous how excited I am to start doing that! I haven't ridden a bike in SO long but don't think riding less than 5 miles to work will be too strenuous or take too long. I am hoping it will be around 20 mins? I figure if I can run 5 miles in less than 40 min I should be able to bike in less than 20. Hopefully I am not too surprised with how long the commute actually takes. That would suck!

Hope you all have a great Thursday and get in a great run. I know I am really looking forward to my run. I even warned puppy that if he didn't run well today that he was going to be dropped off at the house and be left behind. Just like they do in the Iditarod. If a dog under preforms they are left at the checkpoint and dropped from the race. I am sure I really scared him so it should be a great run for the both of us!

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