Monday, July 25, 2011

I've Moved

I have fully moved over to wordpress. come visit me! 

If you don't, then you will really miss out!

You will miss hearing about my running

Wait, that isn't me....I just couldn't resist - I love this picture!

You will miss seeing pictures of Sirius Wiki

You will miss A-dizzle

But, dare I say, more importantly, you will miss ME

So....Unless you want to go through withdrawls, I suggest you follow me to my new home over at Green Mountain Runner @ Wordpress

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Moving and a coupon

So I have been in the process of moving Green Mountain Runner to wordpress. I haven't fully made the move and the site is currently under construction but if you want to check it out... Here is the link to Green Mountain Runner via wordpress

Now onto the coupon. I just purchased a road id bracelet and as a thank you for the purchase they sent me a coupon to share with my blogger friends. You can get $1.00 off your total purchase!
Just use: ThanksMelissa8160733 to get the deal! Look forward to a full recap of what I think about mine when it arrives! 

Here is what I ordered - obviously I picked green as it's my favorite color! 

Hot outside, Humid inside

 4.5 miles - 40 min
60 min body pump

There has been a massive heatwave on the east coast this week and we aren't supposed to see any relief until tomorrow. I decided that since I am trying to get back into the swing of things I would get up early, run on the treadmill and do pump. I also got a new pair of running shoes and wanted to try them out on the treadmill before going outside.

I got to the gym at 7 and started on the 'mill. I HATE my shoes so went back into the classroom to switch out to my old ones and started back up on the treadmill. I tried to bust out some speed and did 3 miles in 22:30. I then walked for a bit to cool down and then started jogging again and did another 1.5 miles. It was so hot in the cardio room that I was dripping with sweat. Great image huh! I cannot wait until the fall and it is cooler inside and outside! I do not do well with the heat. I could never live in Georgia where Gourmet Runner lives, or worse, Texas where Reese's lives! I do not know how people in the south handle this weather!

After my treadmill session I went to Dicks Sporting Goods and exchanged my shoes. I had bought the Brook's Cascadia Trail shoes:
                              Product Image
but the heel on them felt really big and like I was running with boxes on my feet. I think I also ordered the wrong size (6.5 instead of a 7) I guess Brooks run slightly small??? Anyways, I exchanged them for the Brooks Ghost 4:
They felt really comfortable when I was in the store and am going to try them out on the treadmill on Monday to see if they are a good fit for me. I usually buy New Balance shoes and typically choose a trail runner so this will be my first pair of running shoes for me in a LONG time!

Anyone usually wear Brooks? Thoughts? Feelings? Reviews?

What brand do you usually wear? Are you loyal to the brand or do you switch it up depending on the season or whatever?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat Wave

I really didn't want to, but I forced myself to do a little 3 mile walk with a friend. It is 93 degrees but don't worry, they say it feels like 101 out there. I believe it! SO stinking hot! With such high humidity. I know I shouldn't complain because some of you are living in even hotter climates but I am just not used to this heat. Not at all! Give me 50 degrees and I am happy. At least I did 3 more miles than I wanted to and I am planning on getting up early again tomorrow for another hot 5am run. Whatever. I would rather do a hot run at 5 am than a miserable furnace run at 4pm!!!! I will be happy when the heat wave breaks!

How can it be this hot, this early?

4.5 miles / 37 min

I set my alarm for 4:55am and got up. I checked my phone to see what the temperature was. 77 degrees. For real? It's 5am!!!! Shorts and a tank top. I got going and left a little after 5. The run was hot, humid, muggy. Not comfortable at all. There was a slight breeze but instead of it being nice and cool it felt more like a hair dryer. More hot hair just blowing in my face. It was disgusting. I wanted to do a little bit longer than what I did but I did, what I did and that's better than nothing!

I didn't make it to the gym yesterday for pump and a run. Family stuff came up and I just wanted to be home with Alan. I knew because I took Tuesday off and didn't make it to the gym yesterday I knew I had to do something today which is why I forced myself up at 5am. It wasn't too bad though. I definitely enjoy doing my runs in the morning before work, it is just so hard to wake up so early. I just need to do it. I am going to try to start back up with my morning runs along with my usual gym routine. Hopefully if I get back into the habits of all my "usual" habits then I will be back to where I want to be mentally and physically.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Clean Eating

I could easily tell at Monday's Body Pump class that I hadn't been in a while. I had to decrease my weight I usually use and was sweating profusely. I knew I was going to be sore the next day. Today, is two days later and I am still sore. This does not bode well as today is my other regular schedule body pump / gym day. I am nervous. My inner thighs are so sore from the squats and lunges. My hamstrings are super tight and need to be stretched out before they are put through any more torture. The easy thing would be to take another day of rest off and go on Saturday morning.

Nope, not doing it. I am going to go to the gym and I am going to run before the class and I am going to suffer through another painful strenuous pump class. My body will forgive me as it usually does, and I will finally be back in the swing of things.

Hopefully this will help my figure as well. I have noticed that the past few months that have been chaotic and I have been skipping my usual gym days I have been getting "softer". I do not enjoy softness! Much to my husbands disapproval, I enjoy flexing my back muscles and making him gag. I take this as being, I am one buff lady! I enjoy the fact that when I am running my biceps and triceps flex as I pump my arms. I feel like it makes me look tough and it wards off any unwelcomed advances from strangers! I also like walking by buildings that have windows and I can see the reflection of my quads flexing as I walk.

I take pride in my muscles, and pride in my body. Lately, I don't feel like I have much to be proud of. I have been slacking in the gym, doing mediocre running and have been eating more calories than I should. Sugar, grease, fat have been old friends of mine that I have banished for a while, but when I got burnt out on running I also go burnt out on eating healthy and fueling my body properly. Eating crap has left me feeling exhausted and stomach aches. The past few days I have been trying to eat healthy. Sugar snap peas, carrots, celery, peppers, broccoli and califlower have replaced the unhealthier snacks that I have been ingesting. I feel like I am back to me again. The me that is strict with her diet, and excited about her workouts. The me, that goes to bed early because she worked hard that day. The me that sleeps more soundly and refreshed when I wake up. It is so amazing how eating healthy and working out can change so many aspects of your life.

What are you favorite healthy foods?
I love fresh veggies and fruit!

Any ideas on what to do with a mound of beets?
We joined a local farmers co-op and have been getting TONS of beets. I heard roasting them is good? Mama, what does your hubby do with them? He's a chef, I need tips!

Is anyone else tired of the warm weather?
I have realized that I enjoy low 50-low 60 degree weather temps way more than 80 - 90. I am so over the heat. I feel like I melt when I walk outside :(

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ahh let the soreness begin

5 miles / 41 min
60 min body pump

mile 1 = 1.0 % incline 8.0 mph
mile 1 - 1.25 7.7 mph
mile 1.25 - 2 = 8.0 mph
mile 2 - 2.25 = 7.7
mile 2.25 - 3 = 8.0 mph

I did the first 3 miles in 21:40
mile 3 - 4 was in 30 min
mile 4 - 5 finished at 41 min.

After the first 3 miles I took a little walking break as a cool down. I realized I still felt strong and had some energy left and started back up. I stopped again after 4 miles and started to cool down. I, again, realized I felt strong and could do another mile which is why it was so back and forth and jumpy.

After the treadmill I headed over to body pump and did a strong 60 mins of heavy lifting. I know I am going to be sore tomorrow. I can already feel the soreness and it hasn't even been 2 hours since I left the class. That doesn't bode well for how I'm going to be feeling in the future.

Hope everyone had a strong workout today to start off the week off right!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

4 miles and heat

4 miles / 40ish mins.

Today I went a little later in the day than I usually like to go. However, I was able to sleep in and relax and take my time getting ready which was nice. I left the house a little before 10 and met up with my friend Jamie. We headed down to Red Rocks to do a little bit of trail running and to stay out from the sun. However, the shade also shielded us from the nice breeze. You can't win them all I guess.

We ended up doing 3 miles, mostly hills despite wanting to do an easy run and then walked the mile home. Sirius was dying and I didn't want to push him too much in the heat and sun. He was panting like crazy and getting a little foamy at the mouth which is why we did the mile home at a nice easy walking pace. 4 miles was more than I wanted to do but they felt good. I'll take them.

Tomorrow I am back to my routine. I am heading to the gym after work for a run on the treadmill and then an hour of body pump. I hope getting back into the swing of things will revive my workouts! They have been a little lack lustre lately which I do not enjoy!

Happy Sunday to everyone!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


This past week has be utter chaos at our household. Let me recap the week for you all.

Sunday - Mad Marathon
I got home around 11ish and Alan left at 1 for Boston for work

Monday - stayed home from work to relax and hang out

Tuesday worked and took SWP to daycare. Alan got home a little before midnight Tuesday night

Wednesday - Went to a friend's beer tasting. My friend Joe is an amazing homebrewer and has been brewing beer for close to a decade if not a full decade. The past few years he has been looking into opening up a brew pub to start turning his passion into a serious business. Currently he resides in Delaware but is looking at moving back up to VT in the very near future. So Wednesday a bunch of people headed to his families home and we were able to enjoy some of his beer along with amazing food made by his mom. Alan and I had a great time but it was a little chaotic because it was really the first time that Alan and I had seen each other.

Thursday - After work I went on a walk with my friend Jamie and then headed home, hopped in the shower and got ready because Alan and I were going to be going out to dinner with Joe and his girlfriend. After dinner they came over and hung out for a bit.

Friday - My birthday! I worked all day and then got home and hung out for a bit. I then loaded up a bag filled with bread, cheese and chutney and walked to Alan's office. We had a little pic-nik outside of his office and then walked down to the waterfront for the brewers festival. We then walked home afterwards.

Saturday - Hung out and relaxed. We were both tired from the night before and a crazy past week. We went over to my parents house for dinner and got to catch up with them for a bit too.

So as you can see, we have had something going on at least every single night of the week. It isn't going to stop anytime soon either. Tomorrow we are having some people over for some apps and just hang out. I am hoping though after tomorrow we will be able to really relax and unwind and we are planning to do absolutely nothing next weekend!

So that has been my busy and chaotic life lately which explains a lack of blogging and a lack of miles being posted. However, I do plan on getting in a good run in tomorrow so that will be nice!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Still resting

I haven't run since Sunday's race. I have mixed emotions about this. I am glad that I am actually taking the break I have been saying I have needed / wanted. However, I miss running.

This week has been a little crazy and running just hasn't fit into it as nicely as it usually does. I tried to wake up this morning for a run to fit it in, but that just didn't happen. Oh well. It is, what it is.

I hope to be back to my regular workout schedule next week with regular body pump classes on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and my usual runs. It will be nice to be back to that after so long off! Summer, vacations and friends up visiting are really effecting my waist line! I am supposed to go out to dinner tonight with a friend from out of town, I hope to be able to brave the heat and do a short run today before dinner. We shall see. I really would like to see the mileage increase a little bit for this month! I don't see me hitting the 100 mile mark this month though. Who knows though. I might get a crazy distance running bug and go crazy in the next two and a half weeks!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day off recovery

Today I took off from work just in case I was sore or whatever. I am glad I did. I slept in, went on a walk, cleaned and hung out with Sirius. It was amazing. I think all weekends should be 3 days and all work weeks should be 4 days! Yeah, I don't see that happening either. I can dream though!

I think tomorrow after work I am going to try to go for a run. The walk felt great today and I think a run will be good for me. Plus, I need to continue with my runs despite how nice it would be to take a few weeks off. I know I am a little burnt out on running, however, I want to really work on my speed and try to get some good 5ks and 10k PRs this summer. Hopefully shorter, faster runs will keep me energized than the longer, slower ones that I am burnt out on.

Anyone else get burnt out on running?
I love to run, but 3 1/2 marathons in 12 weeks and the higher mileage left me feeling really tired and sometimes dreading my runs that I knew I needed to do.

What do you do to re-energize your love for running?
I am hoping doing shorter, faster runs will help me get a new perspective.

What are your favorite runs to do?
I used to love to do the long and slow, but I also like the hill workouts. However, I think a few speed workouts will do me some good!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Not a Personal Worst and I survived!

I actually had a ton of fun at today's half. I ran the whole time with Mama and we had a blast. Our time was 2:16:40. It was definitely an intense run. Lots of hills. But we powered through them. I know I couldn't have done it without you, mama. So thanks for running with me! I had fun and am looking forward to lots of 5ks in our future! A full Mad Marathon recap to come!

Mad Marathon Recap

The night before the Mad Marathon I went to a friends house for a dinner party. I wanted to be home by 8 so that I could be in bed by 9 and get ready for my 4:30am wake up call. Dinner was pushed back and we didn't eat until around 8 and Alan and I seriously did an eat and run and left at 830 (yes dessert was served before we left and we inhaled that too!) As soon as I got home I got in bed and passed out. I slept surprisingly well considering how nervous I was for the race.

I got up in the morning and made coffee. I was stalking some blogs and drinking coffee when my cat wanted attention. I had to make a choice; spill coffee on myself and the furbaby or drop my laptop. Clearly I spilled the coffee. I was afraid that this would be a sneak peek into what the rest of the day would be. Glad I was wrong. Although my Garmin was also acting up which made me nervous. The night before I unplugged it from charging and put it in my race bag and when I went to put it on I saw it was frozen. I had to google at 5:15 (the time I was supposed to leave to pick Mama up)

Finally at 5:30 I left and rushed to pick up Mama. We were off and headed down to Waitsfield where the Mad Marathon was starting. We got there around 6:30 which was perfect for the 7:30 start time. We hopped in line for the porta- potties and then back to the car to drop off the unnecessary things we didn't need. After that we hung around the starting area for a bit and ran into Prudence! It was so awesome to meet a reader! Thanks so much for coming up and saying Hi and cheering us on at mile 7 (or whatever mile that was haha)

Mama and I - apparently I need to work on my self portrait stance! I should call this the quasi moto hunch back!

A little before 7:30 they had us line up at the starting area and we were off. I planned on running with Mama for the whole race because I knew we would have more fun together than if we ran alone. Plus it was fun to look over on the tough up hills and see her there and know that she was going through the same pain I was and it totally gave me the motivation to push through the hills!

Seriously, Look at those monstrous hills! We powered up those!

Mama and I at the start

The course was scenic. Mama and I saw a deer running in the fields during one section! I thought everything was pretty nice considering that this was the race's first year!
Crossing the Finish line at 2:16:40
The finish corral was so neat. It was a red barn type thing that you ran towards. Too bad the camera didn't get the front of it. Oh well!

Our Splits. I am happy with a little over a 10 min/mi pace for this race

- Early start time is key in July. For the longest time I thought it started at 8:30 and was dreading how hot it would be by the time I would be finishing. A 7:30 start time was so much nicer. It also helped that the day the race was being held was a nice warm day and not too humid at all!
- The finishers medal was one of the best I have seen and definitely the best I have received so far. It was the Mad Marathon logo so the medal is a barn with fields and colors. Pretty nice!
- Low entry fee for a Marathon. Maybe I am biased and just accept how expensive Key Bank is, but the Mad was 85 which I guess is pretty standard?
- Crowd support. For this race being in the middle of Vermont on dirt roads etc. There were quite a few people cheering you one which was a wonderful surprise!
- Running it with a friend. This race was hard. no denying it. However, it was so much better running it with a friend. Just knowing someone you know and respect and enjoy is next to you and the two of you are mentally cheering each other on is amazing!
- Lots of water and aid stops along the way! Perfectly spaced out!
-Seeing a deer run through the fields! It was just so neat and I think it might have been a highlight!

- Post race food was sub par. There were no bananas or bottled water. They had some apple cider which was surprisingly refreshing and amazing after a race however I needed water. They only had small cups of water and gatorade which was annoying to have to carry 4 cups at a time!
- There was tons of food, but you had to pay for it! Vendors were set up and you could buy lots of stuff but who wants to purchase food after they just ran for 2+ hours? I want freebies!
- Finishers bag was sub par. There was an orange, and a package of cliff shot blocks. Better than nothing and I will definitely use the shot blocks!
- No port a potties along the course. I had to pee for the whole race basically! Sucked!

Great, local, small town VERMONT race. This was truly very Vermont. The scenery and the cows!

Some more awesome race photos....are there ever awesome race photos?
This was towards the end of the race. Feeling good still.

Shockingly, I really like this one!

All in all, it was a great race. Challenging but so worth it. I had a great run with Mama and am so glad we did it together. I think at some points we were cursing each others names for signing up but I think we are both happy we did it. I will definitely be doing this one again next year. Plus, the medals were really cool! Everyone knows I am a sucker for hardware!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Here are some photos from Maine!

Alan and Sirius posing in front of the Camp

The camp has some amazing sunsets.

Sirius wasn't quite sure of the water. He liked hanging out on the dock though

And he loved being in the screened in porch!

Our friends came up with their dog, Sebastian!

My parents came up for a bit too. Alan and my dad roasting marshmallows

Another amazing sunset

It was so nice to get away for a bit and head up north to Maine. We stayed on a lake at Alan's family's camp that one of his family members built in the 1950's. It's in a small town with limited cell reception, no television and no internet! It was so nice to take a vacation from work, and from technology. After 9 days away though we were both ready to plug back into reality!