Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Imagine my surprise...

I write down my calories and the food that I eat all the time. I weight myself every morning. Imagine my surprise this morning when I went up 1/2 a lb from the morning before. Today, I went over all the food I ate yesterday and the calories in the food. I also calculated how much calories I had to have burned in the hour of swimming and hour of spinning. Then I realized a large gaping hole of where the calories should have been written down for the peanuts I ate yesterday. Because I bought these in the bulk section and they didn't have the nutrition facts I googled: Calories in roasted peanuts. Imagine my surprise when the results were 864 calories in a cup. Umm I had to have had 3 cups of peanuts as a "healthy snack". I no longer am shocked at my 1/2 lb weight gain. I am stopping my addiction of all nut loved things. Good bye thai chili peanuts good bye maple bbq peanuts good bye *tear* justin's honey peanut butter good bye *tear* justin's maple almond butter. my bananas and apples will be plainer wihtout you however my pants will fit better and I like the way I look more than I like the way things tast. The old addage "moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips" rings so true today. Depression has, yet again, set in. I really need to run!

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