Monday, January 31, 2011

Calf cramps SUCK

5 miles / 38:30ish TM

60 min Body Pump

3 miles / 26ish TM

So I made it to 100. Let me tell you, if I didn't have a goal, there would not have been any running today. I was tired, not feeling it at all. Last week my right calf kept cramping up. This week the left. AWESOME! I hobbled 8 miles and called it a day. It sucked, I have nothing nice to say about either run. Maybe I can con a great rub down out of Alan....Maybe....probably not though. I really need to invest in the Marathon stick.

Nothing else to report. I am tired. Unmotivated. Disappointed. I love running and when I don't have a great run, I get depressed. I am going to go wallow now. Not really, but probably ice my calf, massage it and then go to bed. At least I reached 100 for the month....there is something.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

little one

2.75 outside with Alan.

It was really 3 miles, but I am putting 2.75 just because I hate having weird .09854 type numbers. So now I am officially in the 90's and less than 10 miles to go to be at 100 (which is apparently my new month goal)

On another note. I looked in my drawers at my running shorts. I swear I had WAY more Nike tempo's then I do. I really have only like 3 pairs. So guess who is buying herself a "great job on your first months goal" present. That's right. This girl right here. SORRY ALAN!!!!!

Grab Bag

This is a grab bag post. Random thoughts and no real topic at all.

1. I did surgery on my feet last night. I had a blister that covered the whole bottom heal on my right foot and then it went up the back as well. So I cut into that and realized that there was a blister on top of a blister. So I cut into that. After all the liquid came out I cut all the skin away and I have like a baby heel now. So soft and smooth. Doesn't hurt at all. Just really weird to have a millimeter of thick though skin surrounding baby smooth skin.

2. I realized that my black toe nail on my index toe on my right foot was really a blood blister. So I popped that, and drained it. I did the same on my right foot because over the weekend I realized that I was getting yet another black toe nail.

3. I am really hoping that today is a nice day. I think its supposed to be. I really
want to go for a nice run with SWP. I slacked yesterday and didn't do any outdoor run with him. I really need to do a run today with him and really am hoping it is like how it was yesterday, warm, sunny, maybe a few snow showers. I really just can't wait until early spring when it is
crisp but warmer and not below 0.

4. I really want these two pairs of Nike tempo shorts and am trying to show restraint and not purchase them. Alan and I are trying to save money and I don't NEED them. However, I have lost weight and a lot of my shorts that I own are really baggy and big and don't fit right. Valentines day is coming up, nothing says I love you like Nike Tempo Shorts, Alan! (hint hint)

and if you REALLY love me and want to get me more than 50 dollars worth you could throw these things in too!

That's it for now. Hopefully I will be posting another post soon with some high mileage and a run recap!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Itching for a Race

So I have been doing some research to find some races. (fleet feet emails help when they give you all upcoming races). Here are some that I found that I am thinking of doing...

Frostbite 5k
Plattsburgh, Ny February 13th
*I asked Alan if he wanted to have a romantic dinner across the lake and take the ferry (he never has before). He, knowing me all to well, asked what race do you want to do.

Shamrock Shuffle 5k
Essex March 13th

Spring Fling
Shelburne March 26th

*March 27th is a 10k Sap run, not sure where it is located at

13.1 Unplugged
Burlington April 9th

and of course, the big one

Keybank City Marathon!

Definitely can't wait to start racing again. I got real addicted / competitive this past fall and just as I felt I was really starting to "peak" the season was over. Hoping that I can clench some top spots and some PRs in the near future! And I wouldn't mind a few more racing bibs and t-shirts along the way!

First Month's Goal MET!

5 miles / 40.30
60 min Body Pump
5 miles / 42:30

I had a great workout today. Ran for 5 miles prior to body pump and then had another treadmill session for another 5 miles. I have said it before, and I'll say it again. Running on a treadmill I feel like a hamster. Even broken up between two sessions the rodent feeling is still there. Hamster or not, I did it.

It isn't that I mind the treadmill. It's just different. I am used to running outside. I usually run the same few runs so the scenery doesn't change much, which is fine. I am a creature of habit and I like knowing that when I get to almost the blue emergency light near the UVM field it is 2 miles and that when I finish the downhill past the Burlington Country club that it is 4 miles and it is 1 more mile to get home. I like that. The treadmill takes all the fun of knowing where you are and how much further because it tells you automatically. Just something that I have to get used to I guess.

I think its good to change up the workout and do outside and inside runs. If nothing else it makes me appreciate my outdoor runs that much more. Even if it is frigid out. Soon spring will be here and I will be a really happy girl!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Finally a run

5 miles / 45 min

So after the majority of the week passing with only one run in I finally was able to get out and get a run under my belt. I did an easy 5 miles as I am planning on getting some high mileage for tomorrow before body pump and afterwards. Hoping for another double dip of 5 miles each. We'll see though.

So for the month of January it looks like I will meet my first goal. On average I need to get at least 83 miles in a month. So far I have 79.25. With a at the very least 5 miles tomorrow I will meet my goal! Woo Hoo! I am pumped. 11 more months like this one and I will easily meet my goal of 1,000 in a year. Although I think some months will be easier (marathon training and two 13.1 mile races in April and May) and then some months might be a little lighter. But if I keep up what I've been doing, I should be golden. Also, you would think January and February would be the toughest months as they are cold and snowy. I am feeling quite optimistic for this year and my goal! Woo hoo!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fruit Addiction

two containers of pineapple
drawer filled with pears, apples and grapes
bunch of bananas
bowl of grapes
fruit salad

For the past few days I have been obsessed with fruit. Making fruit smoothies, making fruit salads, eating bowls of grapes. Don't know what is wrong with me but I guess it is better than my chocolate addiction that I usually have!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I love me some gu.

I take it usually before a run that I want to do that will be longer than 3 miles. If I am heading to the gym I will do a gu before going on the treadmill. If I suck then at least it will help me get through body pump. Fave flavor is Espresso love and the chocolate. I like the espresso because it has twice the caffeine and I feel like it gives me the most bang out of my workout. I also like the jet blackberry for the same reason. The chocolate tastes like brownie batter so it tastes delish!

I recently started using gu after reading other running blogs and reading about how much they help you get through long runs. I will now always run with a gu. I think running without gu's is one of my rookie mistakes from the last time I started training for the marathon. I made SEVERAL rookie mistakes but this might have taken the cake. How could I have expected to run 13.1 miles on an empty stomach? It was ridiculous! Hopefully with the aid of gu, and proper running attire (no cotton Walmart wife beaters as a running tank!!!) I will finish the half this year with a better time and a more enjoyable experience all around. If you haven't trained with gu, I highly recommend it!

Nike makes a shirt for that

I cannot wait to order this shirt after I complete my 1,000 miles!

Like I needed that anyways

So today at work the Red Cross van showed up. Mandi and I signed up to donate blood. I was guilted into it, and figured misery loves company so I got her to sign up as well. Things were going great. Her and I were drinking TONS of water, PEEING A TON, and as a treat we ordered Mexicali. In total today I ate a honey wheat english muffin with almond butter. An apple and a banana chopped up for a snack. For lunch I had a chicken taco, some chips and a small thing of chili. I was ready. I was hydrated, I had tons of food in my stomach I was good to go. We both go in. Get the finger prick test and then asnwer the questions. I get done first and am on the bed about to get started when Mandi comes out and says that she can't do it. Her iron levels weren't high enough. From the anxiety of being in the situation, having a kink put in the plan I lose it. I start to cry. I convince myself that I have come this far that I can do it, and should do it. So I do. M sits by and stays with me and talks to me that whole time while I donate for the both of us. It went better than I thought and I will definitely do it again. Hopefully next time she can do it with me and we can both contribute to saving more lives.

Due to my blood donation, no running for me. Which is fine, I have a dentist appointment anyways that I have to go to.

Monday, January 24, 2011

When I dip, you dip, we dip

5 miles treadmill / 39min
Body Pumped for 60 min
5 miles treadmill / 41min

I successfully completed my first official DOUBLE DIP work out. I did a warm up of 5 miles before pump, then did another 5 miles to cool off after. OR I sweated like a pig prior to sweating more like a pig followed up with a sweat bath for said pig. The first 5 miles was hard. harder than usual. Pump was also hard. Its a new release so its always difficult for a while. The second 5 miels went much better than the first 5 but I also went at a slightly slower pace. I feel pretty good that I did 10 miles in a double dip sesh and am looking forward to trying to do some more double dips.

Garmin Love

I have been reading several blogs and the main theme is, if you want to be a runner and continue being a runner and possibly take it to the next level and really improve, then You HAVE TO HAVE a Garmin. So, I did it. I bought one. I LOVE IT. I bought the Garmin 405 in my fave color, GREEN

I have had it for several weeks now. I got it a little after Christmas as a present from Alan. (he bought me a green ipod nano but they re-designed the nano's and they are so dang small now so I returned it and used the money for the Garmin. Thanks A POD you are the best!) Ever since I purchased it and have started using it I have noticed a definite increase in my mileage. Now that I can track my pace and how far I am going and my calories I am burning I am noticing that i want to go further and further. Which is not a bad side effect at all. I also love how it automatically syncs to Garmin connects website so I can see the map of where I went. Apeezie always asks where I went on my run and I get tired of telling him all the street names so this way I can just show him. SO NICE. I think he enjoys that too! I love it so much. Now my friend M is getting her Garmin (ordering it today) and we can be Garmin buddies. I am so excited! I cannot wait for hers to come in and watch the love affair begin :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Double Dip

5.25 miles / 1hr. 20min ish

Yesterday I double dipped my workout. I ran 5 miles at the gym before body pump. Then afterwards did .5 mile in my vibrams. After getting home and relaxing for a bit Alan and I braved the cold temps and did a 5.25 mile run/walk. It took us over an hour and we did more walking than we did running but I am still counting all 5.25 miles towards my goal of 1,000. If I exceed my goal by 5.25 then thats fine but I don't want to be under by thinking some workouts are less significant than others. So its counted and I am that much closer to my goal. On average I need to do 84ish miles a month. I am now in my 60's so less than 25miles to go in about 8 days. I know I can do this!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gyming It

5 miles TM / 36 min
.5 Miles TM / 4min

I ran on the treadmill for 5 miles. Then did Body Pump. After class I thought I should get in a little bit of a workout with my vibrams. Still trying to get back into them and breaking them in slowly (learning from the past week). So 5.5 miles in 40ish min. Not too shabby. I think today A pod and I are going to do a little run walk so maybe another posting and some more mileage.

BTW its freezing outside! BRRR it was -6 when i went to the gym. I am so ready for spring! or at least 15 degree weather. How sad!

Friday, January 21, 2011

a lot happens in a year

A year ago today I picked SWP up from Canada. He has been and will always be the best import from our neighbors up north. In the past year Alan and I have struggled with being first time parents. Potty training, teething, basic training things like sit, stay, down, wait. It has truly been an incredible learning experience for both A peezie and I. I love SWP more than I ever thought I could. The first night we got him I wanted to return him immediately. Now, I couldn't imagine not having him. He has truly enriched both A and my life. We both are running way more than we ever had in the past. (me, with my mileage increasing, and Alan has actually started running) So thank you Sirius Wiki for being a great dog and loving us and teaching us all that you have to offer. We are better people because of having you in our life and I am so blessed to be your mom. I am looking forward to many many many more years of having you in my life and many many many more miles for us to run together.

Now back to the floor and snuggling with you!

On the way home from Montreal with Sirius in the car.

After we got home he bombed it to his bed.

A year later, still pathetic

Family photo from last weekend.

Love you SWP

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Born to Run

4 miles / 36 min

So my calves are tight and sore. A smart person would take it easy. I never once said I was smart. I did not take a day off as I probably should have. No, I ran 4 miles. I did, sorta, take it easy. I guess? I didn't run the 6.5- 7 that I would have liked to...

Anyways, it felt great and I think helped the lactic acid move around and get out of my calves. So I 'm feeling better. Running does cure all.

I had a dream last night that I was running. I vivid remember semi waking up to Alan yelling at me as I was literally running in my sleep. I didn't fully wake up as I was enjoying my dream so much. It seemed so real. The air swishing past my face. My legs pumping over the steep terrain that I am running up. Dirt and small pebbles kicking up from behind me and grazing my ankles. I felt so free and so happy. I think that is how I know that I truly do love running. I used to dread my runs. I actually lo
ok forward to them. Which is maybe why I run through
the pain.

People that I work with think I am crazy. One lady in particular always has a comment for me and my runs. She even told me several times today as I hobbled past her cubicle to not run today. To take it easy. I smile and laugh and keep walking by. I am glad that I am not that person. The person who doesn't get the appeal. I love running and I love being a runner. I love how my body has shaped and molded over the past year to become stronger and able to handle the mileage increases.

I just finished reading the book Born to Run. If you haven't read it yet, HIGHLY recommend it. It will help you realize how much you truly love running. I always knew I liked it, and even loved it. However after reading the book I have realized how much I truly am in love with it and how I do look forward to my runs. It helps having a partner in crime on my runs that looks up at you like the two of you are doing the best thing that has ever been done and that he is so excited to be sharing it with you. Love me some SWP!

SWP from this past weekends snowshoe trip but you get the idea.

Look at how stupid excited he is to be playing in the snow! How could you not get excited to take this doofus out on a run?


So since I haven't posted on here for I think about a week I will try to recap all the runs I have done. (there haven't been that many!)

January 14th Ran 6.5 miles / 58 min - outside with my fave running buddy Sirius Wiki - beloved husky and about the only other person that can run with me in this frigid weather we have been having.

January 15th Ran 4 miles / 31 min - treadmill style

This past summer I got into barefoot running and started using the Vibram five fingers. Well I ran all spring, summer and fall and had absolutely no issues or ailments to hold me back. Lately, while running with regular sneakers (there is snow on the ground don't want to lose any of my five fingers due to frostbite!) I have been getting knee, hip, ankle pain. Much like I had before using the five fingers. SO I figured the days I run on a treadmill I can run in my five fingers and the rest of the days I can run in regular sneakers until there is no more snow and the temps raise above 50 degrees. So I used them for the first time in several months. Yup could definitely feel every mile and have been feeling every mile since then. Oops. Maybe I should have weened into them again. I didn't think running on them after only a few months of neglect would be so painful.

January 17th Ran 7 Miles / 1:05:00 Outside

This was a COLD run. It was -3 when I ventured out. I think I looked like an abonimal or whatever it is called, snowman. I had two pairs of pants, two pairs of gloves and five shirts. But I did it, and so did SWP. Granted we both had frost snot hanging off our noses but we did it and we slept well afterwards on the floor, together. Because that is how I roll with my dog! After re-reading that, it sounds very beastious or whatever. Nothing funny going on at the house. Just a dog tired nap.

January 18th Ran 4 miles / 29 min - Treadmill style

This sucked. Again I ran in my five fingers because clearly along with horrible spelling and comma usage I don't learn from mistakes fast. Still feeling those miles in my calves. I would like to say I finally learned my lesson, but that is highly doubtful.

and lastly

January 19th 1 mile / 8 min - Treadmill

I was sore, and tired and my stomach hurt. How many more excuses can I come up with to make myself feel better about 1 measly mile. Oh well. I have a few more days left in the month and have 33.5 more miles that I need to log in order to reach my first months goal and get me on track to run 1,000 in a year. ay ay ay.

I forgot I had a blog

So, one of the things I am really good at is tricking myself out of things that I don't want to do. Like cleaning the litter box. I trick myself and convince myself that I JUST did it, when really that was 2 weeks ago and that cat has started peeing in the bathtub because the box is so overfilled with its waste from the past two weeks. Another thing I trick myself with is convincing myself that I don't have a blog. I thought about doing a blog for a while but never went through with it and don't acctually have one so no need to update. That worked great up until this morning. My friend Mandi, who I work with and think the only person that reads this informed me that I had a blog and it needed updating! Sorry M. Duley noted and am doing something about it. I will try to remember that I have a blog, and will try to remember to update it every once in a while!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

another one bites the dust

WORKOUT - 4.5 miles outside / 40 min

I totally didn't want to work out yesterday after work. However, a good friend said, "you're never going to reach your goal of running, by not running!" So I took my chocolate mint gu and out the door I went with SWP in tow.

It always makes it easier to keep going when you don't want to with Sirius. He looks up at you while running with his tongue out, and his ears back and it just looks like he is smiling. If he could talk I am sure he would be laughing and saying, "c'mon, lets to faster. I can go faster. I can go further. SO LETS GO!"

It is so true. Having a dog definitely makes working out better, more fun and last longer. I had every intention of only doing a mile, maybe two. 4.5 miles later I was done. Not because I had nothing left to give, but because my fingers were numb (it was 18 degrees out) and I either had to do another lap or call it a day. I called it a day. That's fine. Not every run will be double digits. However, I haven't done a double digit workout in quite a while. Something that I will need to get re-acquainted with as I am training for some serious races coming up!

Hope you had a great run/workout and are feeling proud of yourself.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I don't really know why I chose to say hello via spanish. I guess I got annoyed and impatient staring at the Title section long enough that i figured why not spanish, and why not just hello.

Anyways. I am trying to keep myself accountable with my work outs and trying to propel my goals into reality. So with that said, here is so far my work outs that I have accomplished this month. (11 days so far!)

Week One
January 3rd - 3 miles outside
1 mile on the treadmill

January 5th - 3 miles on the treadmill

January 8th - 5 miles outside

so the first week of January I have 12 miles under my belt. Not horrific, but too many of these weeks and I will never reach my goal.

Week Two (so far)
January 9th - 2.5 miles (walking/running with A-pod) outside

January 10th - 4 miles via Treadmill (under 30 minutes baby!!!!)

Off to a better start this week than last. Oh well. Still lots of days left in the week to really slack it up!

Speaking of, maybe I should state what my goals are. Oh God, once they are out there, no taking them back. I am highly terrified of failure and by stating my goals outloud into the world of blogger then they are out there and fail or succeed no turning back.


- complete 1,000 miles in the year 2011.
I thought about lowering it to 500 just so that I wouldn't fail. I didn't whimp out, I put what I actually wanted to complete. Gotta tell you, it doesn't feel all that great right now. I kind of want to vomit a bit from my nerves (i am so highly over dramatic)

- complete a 1/2 marathon in 2011
Easy enough I suppose. I did my first 1/2 in 2008 as a bridal bootcamp. My time wasn't anything epic and am hoping to smash my previous time in 08 in bits by a great fantastic time in '11

- complete a full marathon. Really anytime in my life and that will be just fine with me - but ultimately, would like to complete in 2012.

Those are all my hopes and dreams that I have in my life (such the dreamer, ay?) but I am sure that I will think of some others to add to the list. Ones that are actually attainable? Maybe.

So that is all folks, that's all she wrote (she being me, obvi!)