Friday, March 18, 2011

Compliment of the day

"wow your twelve year old boy acne is looking a lot better today."

- Thanks.


Also, I went home on my lunch break to get my bike so I can drop it off for a tune up. Well you can only imagine what 3 years of not riding and being hung up in a garage will do for a bike. I have never seen so many cob webs and the layer of dirt that has encased the bike is substantial. I can't even wait to see the grimace on the bike shop person's face when I roll that beauty in. Wondering if its even worth the cost of the tune up and the cost of all the fixes I am sure that I will have to pay for in order to get it up and running. Wondering if it will be better to bring it to the bike swap sale and to buy a new (last years) model. Something to think about when I get the quote back I suppose.


On a brighter note. Its firday and I am leaving work soon. And it is over 50 degrees today. Really starting to feel like spring. THANK GOD!

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