Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Swimming Saturday

My mom and I are going to go to the pool today. I am actually pretty excited. Her and I used to swim all the time together. When I was young she would buy a membership at a hotel that had a pool because we didn't have any gyms or anything. Looking back I think its weird, but it seemed completely normal. Anyways, her and I used to go to the pool and swim laps and use the kick board and I had a blast. I loved to swim. How did I get from there, to here? Again, I am sure once I get swimming and can go more than four laps I will learn to enjoy it as I have learned to enjoy other things. I am just excited that I will have someone on my side if those mean middle school swim teamers are around! Just kidding, I know my mom will make more fun of me than anyone else. Is it wrong that I want my mom to re-teach me to swim? Its been so long. It is not like riding a bike. Err at least I hope not seeing as how Alan is dropping me off at the bike store today and I am going to ride the bike home!

Tomorrow I am planning on going back to the pool solo. I really need to get these workouts in as I am feeling soft and squishy in the middle and I do not enjoy! I am hoping that swimming, biking to work, body pumping my upper body will keep me in good enough shape to maintain my level of fitness. I would just love to know when I will be good enough to run again. Like weeks? Months?

I made a Physical Therapy appointment and my first session is Wednesday. Hopefully I will get some GREAT news from them and they will say, "why are you here? You are in great condition and your knee is fine!" I would do my ultimate happy dance! I can dream right?

My dear, inspiring friend Paula posted on my FB wall
"Joy always came after pain"

- so true. I know that this too shall pass and I will look back at my freaking out and laugh. I just want to laugh now!

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