Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Early Morning Run

7 miles /65ish min

Today I got up early to go for a run. It's getting warmer and warmer and it's unfair to Sirius to make him run in the heat. Plus, it's not so much fun for me either. I set the alarm for 5am and got out of bed fairly easily. Sirius was even up and ready to go which is quite unheard of since he is so lazy and likes to sleep in usually. We were out the door by 5:10am. I wanted to do an easy 7 miles and not push it too much seeing as how I just did 13 the other day and MIGHT do a 10k this weekend - more on that later.

I got to 3.5 miles and I was going to do a loop and then heard the beep from my watch indicating a low battery. Out and back it was to make sure I got the full 7 in.

Watch obviously died which was a little annoying as I had no idea what time it was and I had plans on commuting via bike today to work. Nope, got home too late and drove. Oh well.

So the 10k this weekend is in a small town in Northern Vermont. I normally wouldn't even think about doing it but a guy I work with asks me every year if I am going to run at the darily festival. I have in the past had things going on, or wasn't in 10k shape etc. This year, he knows I am in shape, and that I don't have anything going on. He even printed me the registration form for me to fill out and said that since he is working at the dairy festival he will cheer me on at the finish line. I feel like he is so excited for me NOT to run. I am of course trying to get R4J to run it with me. (ahem, hint hint!) so we'll see. The race fee is cheap, you get a shirt and it will make my co-worker really excited. win, win!

Today is the last day of the month and I am happy to report that I was able to make up some of my missed miles from my injury. I am closing this month out with 117 with a total of 450 miles year to date. I am not 50 miles short. Not too shabby. I know eventually I will be able to make it all up and am excited that I am that much closer to my ultimate goal of 1,000 miles for 2011! WOO HOO!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Key Bank City Marathon Race Recap

13.1 miles / 2:06:56

It was hot and humid. I was very uncomfortable the whole time. I started the race around 10:30 and am not really used to running a race at that time. I probably should have had more to eat as I felt weak and shaky during my run. I over compensated by drinking more water and gatorade than I probably needed. I don't normally drink gatorade and definitely don't use gatorade during my training runs. Rookie mistake doing something you aren't used to doing.

I was so nervous to be dehydrated that I just kept drinking mass amounts of water which I think probably diluted the sodium in my body or whatever. This just was not my day to race. I am not used to the heat and humidity that we had today blah blah blah. lots of excuses. Sorry. I am happy with my time because given the day, the time, the temp everything this was the best that I could have done. That's all that I can do, and that's all that matters.

Not every race will be better than your last race, which is why there are things called PR's. I have another race July 10th that I have to get ready for so no use in dwelling on past races. I know that I need to hydrate more for this next race as it is in the middle of the summer and the weather could really be anywhere on the temperature scale. It will be earlier in the day which will be nice and something I am more used to.

Last night I was playing the what if game. What if I didn't have two gu's while waiting for my partner to finish her first 1/2 so I could start my race (I thought her time would be closer to 2hrs so I took a gu at 1:45 into the race in preparation, when I didn't see her by 2:15 I had another gu. BAD CALL! 2 gu's on an empty stomach is NOT GOOD!) What if I put sun block on instead of taking it out of my bag before leaving for the race thinking, its raining right now. It wont be sunny today! What if I drank more while waiting for my partner, or drank more in the morning instead of worrying about peeing. What if, what if, what if. I know nothing will change the fact that it is what it is. I just need to learn from my mistakes and not make them again.

Things I have learned:
1. Don't over gu!

2. Drink water, not gatorade as I am not used to gatorade!

3. When you are hot and sweaty don't pour water over your head as the salty sweat will run in your eyes.

4. Don't run with one eye closed due to the salty sweat in your eyes as this will give you a headache and mess with your depth perception

5. Walking through water breaks is a must! I did this yesterday and it was a great motivator to keep running until you get to the water break because you know you will walk through it. Stopping to walk twice in a mile was not something I was aiming to do.

6. When you are so disoriented, nauseous, dizzy and want to DNF start counting your foot falls. I counted up to 100 on every step my right leg took. I bargained with myself the whole time. "just get to 100 and then you can stop." once I got to 100 I would say, "that wasn't so bad, just do it again. If you make it to 100 again you can stop." I did this for at least 5 miles! I felt like it even helped me pick up the pace a little since I was going so slow counting and trying to get to a certain number and knowing the only way to get there faster was to move faster helped!

7. Know that not every race will be better time wise than your last. I did sub 2hrs my last 1/2 8 weeks ago after not running for 4 weeks due to a knee injury. I thought I would rock this one. Well, I didn't. I went 10 minutes slower on this one and felt like I was better prepared for this one. Just goes to show you, you can't count on things!

8. I also have learned that this was the push I needed to really dedicate myself to train for the full marathon next year. I personally hated waiting around for 2 hours. It made me more anxious and nervous the more and more people that were leaving the corral. I hated starting so late and didn't like the whole experience. Finishing the race was nice, but not enough to make me want to do the 2nd half again. I have done the first half before and that isn't fun either. You don't really have a "finish" its more of a relay handoff and so not much glory after completing a 1/2 marathon. I definitely want to do the full next year and this was just what I needed to cement that for me.

9. You can't change who you are. I am competitive. I want to win and try my hardest no matter what. When there are others around you that aren't in that same mindset, it will only piss me off. Don't apologize for being who you are.

10. Even if you aren't proud of yourself. Rock your medal and your t-shirt. You will start to feel better after a little while.

11. STRETCH and FOAM ROLL. I love my foam roller oh so much.

12. Sign up for another ASAP! I am running my July 10th 1/2 with R4J and am SOOOO excited to do another race with her. I really enjoy our runs together and hope we can continue our at least once weekly runs. It is just so nice to talk the miles away and get in a good workout!

I also want to congratulate R4J since she beat her 1/2 time by 11 minutes! Great job! Despite the weather she did an amazing job!!!!!

Congrats to my partner Paula as well. This was her 2nd 1/2 and her 2nd race ever. She didn't PR but she did run through an injury and had a lot of fun- even had a photo shoot pre finish line. (yes, slightly mad, but I will get over it!)

Less than Ideal

It's currently 7:20am and I've been up since 6. I am planning on leaving my house at 8:30 to walk down to the start of my leg. I have the weather channel on right now and am stalking the weather channel website and also local news station weather forecasts. No big deal, but its 90% humidity right now. That should definitely not impact my running. They are still saying a chance of thunderstorms around 10am and a high of 82 degrees. I am going to run to the effort that I know I can. If that's an 8 min/mile pace, that's great. If it's a 10, 11, 12 min/mile than that's what its going to have to be.

I am nervous, didn't sleep well last night and my stomach is in knots. I hate this feeling but it's this feeling that pushes me during my training. I hate this feeling, but I don't know if given the chance if I would wish it away.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cranky wife show

Apparently when I get nervous, I get cranky. Alan told me to watch some tv, meaning, I am being cranky. I turned on netflix and to my surprise Make it or Break it added 10 more episodes. EEK so excited! Garanteed I will finish these 10 episodes today. Yes, they are 40 minutes each. Yes, I am ashamed of myself. However, if the weather cooperates, I am running 13 miles tomorrow!

Will I even get to run?!?!?!?!

Tomorrow is supposed to be unseasonably warm for Vermont. They are expecting a high of 82 degrees. Ok....That sucks, but do able. However, I just did the hourly forecast and it looks like it is supposed to thunderstorm. My question now is not if it will be too hot for me to PR my question now is, will I even get to run my leg? The marathon starts at 8am. If Paula run's what she ran at unplugged which was slightly under 2 hours add some time on for heat, and the start of the race being slow and predicted end time will be closer to 10:30 maybe. Well, according to weather.com the predicted hourly forecast for 10 is 71 - ok that is good, BUT thunder! Umm...will the race directors let us run in thunder and lightning? Isn't that really unsafe?

I guess, we just have to sit back and wait to see if there will be a race or not tomorrow. Will they post pone it? It isn't supposed to be any better later on in the day. Will they just cancel is completely? Seems like a huge event to just out right cancel it, not to mention all the out of towners that have spent time traveling and money on accommodations. So I guess its up in the air and no one will no until something actually happens. All I know is, I really want my medal!!!!

Never limit where running can take you

3 miles / 31:29

This was a nice easy run along the waterfront with Bart Yasso. It was awesome. Quite a few people showed up to the fun run and so I chit chatted with a few people along the way. It was just so nice and low key. Bart and I were the only 1/2 marathoners - he has done enough fulls for the both of us, and the rest of the people there were full marathoners for tomorrow's race. There was one person and tomorrow will be his first marathon. It was very inspiring talking to fullers as I really aspire to run a full in the near future. I have my sights set for next VCM to run my first full. It was where I ran my first 1/2 and so it seems like the right thing to do to have it be my first full. Next year.

Today's high: Running with Bart
Today's low: None yet.

Yesterday I went to the Expo to check it out with R4J. We had a lot of fun poking around and checking out the booths. I picked up Bart's book at his booth and had him sign it for me. He wrote an awesome line in it. Never limit where running can take you. Just what one needs to hear every once in a while.

I sometimes get really bogged down with the miles to go in order to complete my run, or my race or my goals. Sometimes life bogs me down and I put running on the back burner. However, running is the one thing that makes me feel free, alive and worth while. It makes the thoughts in my head that are so chaotic and erratic seem put in place and I can make sense of it all. It helps me unwind from my day, or wake me up in the morning.

I have been trying to make running a priority. I think I have made great strides in that most recently. I have signed up for races that I want to do, Alan is more than supportive of my "addiction" and I have reconnected with some old friends like R4J and made some new ones to run with. Running has brought a lot to my life in this past year. I have lost weight, gained insight and perspective, and has strengthened friendships. I will try to continue to not limit where running can take me because I am scared, stressed, overwhelmed or too tired. Running, is and should remain, a priority to me.

So I challenge you all- push yourself. Don't limit yourself. Don't take the easy way out by falling short because it is easier to do so. Push yourself to the limit and push harder to exceed where you thought you could go. Don't settle for what you can do well, Strive to exceed and excel in something you thought you couldn't do. Not doing it to the best of your ability is failing. Don't Fail!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bart Yasso

So I tweeted to Bart yesterday saying I will see you there. Meaning, I will see you on the waterfront at 8am to run 3 easy (easy for him, may be a struggle for me) miles. I never ever ever expected to get a tweet TO ME back from HIM!

@melpeabody see you tomorrow I will post more details today.

Generic? Yes! BUT he tweeted to me. I am really juvenile with my tweeting abilities. Proof, my amazing, oh so supportive husband often tweets the things that I say about twitter as he finds it hillarious about how silly I am about it. I often tell him tweets that he should write so this is what I say: "pound hasbrowns pound pound hasbrowns tweet twit pick hasbrowns pound pound"
- Yes, I thought hashtags were hashbrowns in that moment of exhaustion.

I rarely am on twitter but thought I should give it a real effort before I proclaim its stupidity. I often go on to post pictures of me eating the groceries I bought on my lunch break that were supposed to be for our dinner - sorry again Alan but that fresh bread, cold sharp cheddar, and chuttney was just calling my name for an afternoon snack at work! My co-workers agreed it was delicious! Don't worry there was enough for dinner and Alan got some. I am not that cruel.

Clearly I don't keep up with twitter and its seriousness as some do, ahem, Alan! However, with some lessons and advice from Alan - you should have people on twitter that you are following that you have no idea who they are, or you know who they are because they are famous or are really great in a field you want to learn more about, but there is no way they know who you are. So I took his advice. I started following Kara Goucher (I mean, she knows who I am, I know who she is, we actually run a ton together everytime I jet off to Oregon on the weekends to train at the Nike training center) but the others, like Bart Yasso I do not know. EXCEPT I WILL SOON! Yes, I am 3 years old and am super excited!

I am at work, and everyone here is tired of hearing me talk about running and talking about Kara gou who? so I am sure they wouldn't care a bit about Bart Yasso! BUT I DO, and I BLOG, so I get to share with you! Aren't you so glad you read my blog?

Ok that is it for now. You better be sure I will do a recap tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!! I hope a lot of people turn out for the run tomorrow. Or maybe, I don't? How cool would it be if it was just Bart and I chit chatting the 3 miles away? OMG I am going to pee my pants! Now onto what to wear......

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tornadoes, Thunderstorms and Flash Flooding

Apparently, mountainous Vermont CAN get tornado warnings. Who knew? I always thought with the mountains that the tornado wouldn't get enough speed to really do anything. Well, I have still yet to see it, but that's what all the weather stations are saying at least.

They are also predicting more rain, thunder and lightning and flash flooding. GREAT. Oh well. At least with all that stuff going on Mother Nature is telling me to take a day off from running today. Which is fine by me, it's 86 degrees and humid! No thank you! So glad that R4J and I ran yesterday instead of today!

Oh but for some actual exciting news. According to my Twitter (melpeabody if you want to follow me) Bart Yasso will be at the Burlington City Marathon AND he is doing a 3 mile fun run Saturday morning! Umm heck yes I will be running Saturday with Bart Yasso along the water front. EEK I am soooo excited. I wonder what his "easy fun run" pace is? I hope it's under 8:30m/mile so I can keep up!!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

running with mama and jack

4.5 miles / 46:40

Today I got to run with R4J again. I really enjoy our runs together. It really breaks up the mileage when you can chat them away with someone else. Plus, it is a great motivator to run with someone when you really don't feel like running! Today, again, the miles seemed effortless and passed really quickly as we chatted the time away. Running with someone else is completely a different experience than running alone. I have run alone for so long so it is so nice to have a change! I am really hoping that her and I can make weekly dates to run and keep them throughout! hint hint!

R4J is thinking about making the Garmin purchase and the sales women that I am I told her all the great things the 405 can do. I let her wear it during our run to see if she liked the fit/feel of it. Then after our run we went back to my place to show her how easily it sync's with the computer and how effortlessly it shows you your map of where you went, your pace, the splits, the elevation etc. etc. etc. Seriously, you would think that I get a profit from Garmin with how many 405's must have been sold since I purchased mine! But seriously, I feel like this was the best investment that I have made in my running hobby.

After today's run, I am really looking forward to the Marathon on Sunday, seeing my friends and completing the race knowing I did all the proper training, and that I should, no matter what, be proud of my time. This is my return to KBCM and I am way more excited, and better prepared than my first attempt in 2008. I am just excited to finish the race. In 2008 I ran the first half and am excited to run the 2nd leg and see the whole experience. YAY. I can't believe how soon it is now! Woot woot!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4.0 miles / 34:20

I went for a run today with my friend Jamie. She is also doing 1/2 of the marathon on Sunday so we are both in taper mode. Today was a nice short run but glad that it was. It was so humid out. I am really hoping that the weather on Sunday is nicer than they are predicting. They are saying it's suppose to be 80 and 40% chance of rain. EWW I wouldn't mind 60 and rainy if it HAS to rain but I would thoroughly enjoy just 50 or 60. NOT 80! Oh well. If it is, then it is. I will adjust my speed and race accordingly....

Monday, May 23, 2011

Speed and Wind

4.5 / 36:23

I tried to work on my speed today. However, the wind didn't cooperate. It was the windiest day I have ever seen in my life. I felt like I was running in the water or something there was so much resistance. I had every intention of doing my speed workout and then running and picking Sirius up from Alan's work, but I wore myself out just doing my speed work that I decided to bail on picking up Sirius. Yes, I fail at being a mom. Oh well. I think he will understand haha.

I think my speed work went well considering I also was fighting the wind. I tried to have all my splits under 8 but that just didn't happen however I was able to get an average pace of 8 so that is fine with me. I also, for the most part had all negative splits so I will take it.

Now I am at home, watching Glee and icing my knee. It is only hurting a little but I am afraid that I tweaked it and will be relaxing for the rest of the night!

I love Glee. Do you guys watch it?
It's on Netflix streaming right now and I am enjoying watching all the episodes again.

What do you need to work on the most for your runs? Speed, hills, endurance?
yes, yes and yes please! all three for me right now!

What are you guys doing for dinner tonight?
We are having left overs from last night. Chicken pot pie is the best the day after!

Ps. Thanks R4J (running for jack - I miss running mama RM was easier but I think I found a good substitute r4j haha) for talking me down from the edge and calling my bluff on my knee. I took the ice pack off and am foam rolling. R4J said that people who are in taper mode think they get injured but it is just the lack of endorphins. I did that a lot more than having a knee issue. Thanks!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

3 posts in one day? Who am I?

The one thing that I love about my Garmin - who am I kidding? There isn't just one thing that I love, I love so many, but the one thing that I am digging right now is the reports feature that it gives me through the web. I am stressing about next Sunday and what my pace will be and where I want to finish versus what I think I might finish at. My goal was from the very beginning to finish in 1:45. However, I lost some of my speed when I was out for 4 weeks with my knee issue and since being back I have been so nervous to re-injure myself that I don't feel that I have been pushing myself as much as I was. My last run pre injury I ran 7 miles at a 7:30 m/mile pace...I have not done that since. I have resigned to the fact that I probably will be finishing closer to what my time was for the Unplugged marathon (1:57) than the 1:45 I was hoping for.

After looking at the reports and seeing what my training time has been and talking with Alan, I am really hoping 1:45 is still do able. My training runs outside have been at around an 8:15-8:30 pace. These have been with Sirius, whom, I love dearly and he does push me sometimes, but, he also has the knack to know just when I am getting into my pace rhythm he needs to stop and poop or smell a tree to pee on or whatever. My runs on a treadmill have been consistently at an 8 m/mile or less. I have been putting the incline up for the majority of my runs but sometimes I forget. I am really hoping that my run goes well and I get into the "race" mentality instead of I am running with a lot of people around me. Which is definitely what I do a lot of the time. I think I get so nervous to go too fast too soon and never really show my speed until I can see the finish line and then it's too little too late.

Here's the plan:
1. get psyched up - this is the big deal! This is what you've been training for. Everything else has been in preparation for this moment!
2. realize it's a race and treat it as such - no guts no glory.
3. realize that if I give too much too fast then I can reign it in. Nothing is final. Not trying, not giving my all, is failing!
4. try to do the first few miles at a high 8 to low 9 m/mile. (8:40 is what I am aiming for) (34:40min)
5. next few miles do a mid level 8 (8:20) (33:20min)
6. next few miles do low 8 (8:00) (32 min)
7. last mile run at a 7:30
8. last 1/2 mile lay down the hammer and give it all that I have for the last .6 miles and finish strong. I will be finishing the marathon and there will be a ton of crowd support, bands etc. I should definitely find the motivation to really finish strong.

Goal for this race:
1. finish under 1:50 - haven't completely ruled out 1:45 but trying to be realistic...
2. finish strong - sweat dripping, gasping, legs and arms pumping. I want to finish strong but be done!
3. be tired - if I am not dying, I didn't give it all I had.
I read a quote in a Dean Karnazes book that a marathoner said if he wasn't on the ground after finishing a marathon to hit him with a 2x4 and knock him on the ground because he clearly didn't give it all that he had. That is the way I want to feel. Totally and utterly drained because I gave it all that I had and left nothing in the reserve tank.

If I don't reach my goals this one, there is always the one in July to reach them. Nothing is final, not trying is fatal...

Photo Bomb

Recipe for the most amazing chicken pot pie ever...

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 can campbells condensed soup (I usually use cream of chicken, but I am sure cream of mushroom, or cream of broccoli would be good too!)
frozen veggies (frozen corn, frozen peas or whatever)
any other veggies you want to add (onions, carrots etc.)
1 pre made pie crust

pre heat oven to 375. Boil the chicken so that it is mainly done. A little pink is fine. Once the chicken is done drain and then dice into small bite size pieces. In a bowl put in the can of cream of chicken (or whatever cream of soup you choose) the veggies (I usually do 1 onion, 1/2 cup of frozen peas and 1/2 cup of frozen corn, and 2 carrots) mix together. In the can of soup add 3/4 can of milk and add to the bowl. Stir and mix. Add salt and pepper. Throw in the diced chicken and stir again. Once it is all mixed in unroll the pie crust onto a pie pan that has been sprayed with Pam. Put the other pie crust on top of the mixture. Make sure to make slits in the middle of the pie. Bake for 1 hour at 375. After it's done, let sit for 15 min.

Chicken Pot Pie fresh from the oven

Look at all those veggies


What goes with pot pie? WACKO of course!

Here is my rough draft play list for the race next Sunday. Not positive if I like the order and all the songs quite yet but there it is.

Didn't run, but did clean up a storm!

So, I didn't go for a run today. I figured I would take today as a rest day and do a run monday, tuesday, wednesday and then really taper and not run thursday, Friday or saturday. Sounds like a good plan to me if I do say so myself.

Back to cleaning. I vacuumed up a storm, then took off the hose and got on my hands and knees and did all the cracks and crevices around the floor. After I did that around the whole place I then scrubbed the bathroom floor, toilet, counters, mirrors etc. The bathroom hasn't ever sparkled as much as it is right now. I even vacuumed the couches to try to get the fur off. That didn't work so well. Good thing they are slip covers over 25+ year old couches and they will be going into the washer soon! I also finished four loads of laundry. Oh yeah, I forgot about the kitchen. I re-organized the cabinets, washed the counter tops, put some appliances away that I don't use often and re-arranged the items we leave out on the counter.

I feel like things are a lot more stream lined and cleaner now. Well cleaner because they are clean, but also not so cluttery. I absolutely hate clutter and can't stand nick nacks that collect dust. Must be the way I grew up. My grandmother was a huge pack rat and so my mom went the total opposite direction and would throw everything away. I think I definitely inherited more from my mom.

Speaking of cleaning. I am absolutely obsessed with Seventh Generation products. I used to buy Method, but didn't really like the products all that much. I then switched to Myers, however the products by Myers is really expensive. Some things I will still buy because I like them so much but others just wasn't worth the price. So, being a good Vermonter, I wanted to buy local (even though now 7th gen is a huge company). I am glad I tried them out. I love their bathroom disinfecting spray, their dish soap and their all purpose spray. I have tried their laundry detergent before and enjoyed that as well. I am planning on going back once my Tide runs out. I like 7th gen because things are clean, but you aren't killing yourself with those harsh fumes. You can get no scent or they also have scented items too. I love the lemongrass scent. Just smells so fresh! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Ok. I promise, tomorrow is back to running! Be prepared to see my "rough draft" of my Key Bank City Marathon playlist for NEXT SUNDAY! Definitely nervous, but excited!

OH i forgot the best part of my 1950's housewife day I had. I made a chicken pot pie! I will post the recipe along with photos of the finished pie!

Tapering, what's that?

I really don't know how, or don't really care to learn about the proper ways to taper before a race. Next week, exactly, is the Key Bank City Marathon. I, as all of you know, am running the 2nd leg of it. Which when you say that to people they go, oh, so how many miles is that? Well, it's a marathon so 26.2 miles and I am doing the 2nd half of the whole thing which would be 26.2 / 2 = 13.1. GEEZE and I thought I as bad at math. Anyways, not to get off on a tangent. I really don't know how to taper. I don't really "train" per se for these races and have some more half marathons in my future. Next one being in the beginning of July I believe, unless I want to throw in another one before that...

Anyways. Seriously though. How do you taper when you aren't necessarily training? I don't follow a training program and I know just from books, researched etc. that you need to take it easy the week leading up to a race but how easy? Friday I did 7 miles, yesterday I did 9 split up into two sessions and the second session was with Alan and it was "his" workout not mine.

Yes, we used to get in "fights" because I would tell him to pick it up, or to run further and faster and blah blah blah and then he would have to remind me that I am not his Personal Trainer, that I am his wife, and he is just getting started with running and that this is "his" workout. So therefore, whenever we workout together I have to preface our workout with my own so that ours can be his later on. It works for us, don't judge us! haha.

I don't want to have tired, dead legs next sunday, but the weather has turned beautiful and it seems like every day has beckoned me to come out and go for a run. Any thoughts or advice? What has worked and what hasn't worked for people out there? Can I do 5-7 miles daily for the rest of the week or should i really have less mileage than that? When should my running stop, or significantly decrease, slow down? Friday? I was planning on taking Friday and Saturday both off but thought running up to Thursday would be ok? Is that a really bad idea?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

2nd run overtook the laziness side

5.5 miles with Alan

It was too beautiful NOT to be outside. We walked down to the waterfront to survey the flooding and to check out the progress for next weeks marathon. It was a great run/walk and I don't regret it one bit!

lazy or round two?

4 miles / 30:45
60 min. body pump

I tried to push my pace a little today and think I did alright. I was planning on having an easy day today, however, it's sunny out right now and I think I might need a round two for my run. Thinking an easy 4-5 miles. We shall see. I am feeling pretty lazy right now and might need just a lazy saturday more than I need another run.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rainy run

7 miles / 60 min

I went out for a run today and figured I would do two different loops each being 4.5 miles. I really wanted to get in 9 miles today. I thought that if I broke it up into two and went on the first one by myself and the second one with Sirius then I would definitely be forced to go back out for the second one and give me motivation to work a little harder since Sirius would be so excited to be out running.

My first 4.5 miles went well I took a different route than I usually go on and it ended up being slightly hilly which was good. I worked hard but didn't push the pace too much. I got home picked up Sirius and then headed out for the second half. Well, a few minutes the rain started. Not a big deal. I didn't bring my hat that I just bought, but whatever. I can run in the rain. We got a mile into the run and then I heard thunder. I took a survey of all the things I currently had in my possession. Sirius's collar has a metal loop on it, his leash was bungie cord material so that was fine, but attached to the leash that is wrapped around my waist was poop bags, and 3 keys. I am fairly certain that Ben Franklin did a similar experiment in the past with some keys in a lightning storm. So, I figured, I could either keep going and hit my 9 mile run mark, OR I could be safe, not selfish and turn around. So that is what we did.

The last little bit I really started to pick up the pace as the lightning was more frequent. I started to get nervous so really tried to push Sirius along. However, he just recently realized that he can lift his leg and pee on things so of course he has to try it out all the time, which is usually fine however, today was not the day to be marking every single tree, bush, bench we come along.
It only shows 6.83 because for the first part the Garmin couldn't locate a satellite so figure my distance is more 7 miles and probably around 60 min. It was a little slower than what I wanted to run at today, but figured with the hillier route, Sirius being a numb nut and wanting to pee on everything and the rain I think I did alright.

The first 4 miles was along the hillier route that I normally don't go on. However, it was a great route and was about 4.5 miles so I think I will start incorporating it more into my training.

Everyone should go check out Reeses's blog and enter to win her awesome giveaway!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


4 miles / 1.0 incline/ 31:30
60 min body pump

this is a short one as I just hopped out of the shower and Alan and picking me up any minute to take me on a spur of the moment mid week date! Gotta love a boy who still wins me over even after he won! Love him!

I did an "easy" 4 miles. I didn't really do any speed work. Just kept it at a regular pace with a 1% incline and tried to go as far as I could. My head was pounding before I started and figured I wouldn't make it very far. Well I went all the way until I ran out of time or else I would be late for my pump class! I was surprised. Not only did I go further than I thought I could due to my blurry vision, throbbing headache that is going on day 4 now and my left leg hurting but after my run, I felt soooo much better. Dare I say my headache strength is weakening?!?!?! THANK GOD!

Ok Alan is here, gotta go!

Monday, May 16, 2011


I was looking through pictures of baby SWP and then happened to see a picture of a fawn. We used to call Sirius Little Lamb but now I think we shall change his nickname to little deer!
It's all in the ears!


so with all this rain we have been experiencing, I have been experiencing more and more headaches. Such horrendous headaches that advil, aleeve, tylenol do not even make a dent in my pain. I was all gung-ho about a great run today before body pump and then a great body pump session. Yeah, right now, that is not looking like it is going to happen. My head hurts so bad that my vision is blurry. Which sucks, but really sucks when your job requires you to stare at a computer screen, type and read pages after pages. My head hurts, I can't see, I want to run, however any movement to my neck/head hurts. Yeah. Mondays suck!

I can't add

I keep a spreadsheet at work for all my mileage. I have it automatically add it all up and figure stuff out for me. Like how many miles for the month, year, how many left I have to run for the month/year to reach my goals etc. However, because I use this to really keep track of my running I sometimes forget how to add. Like today, I just opened my spreadsheet to log my weekend hours and I was 5 miles off. So if you notice an increase of 5 miles in my mileage tracker, that's what it is. I didn't get up and do a 5 mile run this morning or anything crazy like that, I just can't add.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rain is washing away my motivation

Today is another rainy day in good ol' Vermont. It has been raining a lot this spring. It is usually pretty rainy this time of year but this is by far the worst it has ever been. With the record amount of snow fall this winter and then with the exorbitant amount of rain, the lake has reached and exceeded flood level and it is really causing a lot of issues for home owners and also the roads! It is insane. Last week was a full week of sunshine and it totally spoiled me. This weekend and this whole next week rain is in the forecast.

5 day forecast courtesy of the local news station...

Tried to get the 10 day from weather.com but this was the best I could do with my screenshot tool.

Clearly, my lack of motivation due to the rain needs to change pronto! I am used to running in inclement weather as I ran all through the winter. However, for some reason, rain bothers me. I don't mind it once I am out there, but getting dressed and figuring out what to wear is annoying. I don't want to wear heavy stuff as it will only get heavier. My rain coat is a little big and isn't comfortable due to the size of it. (EMS is having a deal on their rain coats, maybe a smaller size one will have to be purchased for my runs?) I just bought a hat today, but before that my hair would be in a rats nest from the wind and rain. Should I wear shorts and a tank or long sleeves? All these issues build up and give me a sort of anxiety where I just say eff it and don't go out at all. The snow is easier, its cold but not wet and you dress warm and move along. Rain is tricky. I need to figure it out and deal with it. Clearly sooner rather than later as the rain is not going anywhere anytime soon!

Friday, May 13, 2011

See ya at the Eiffel Tower

9ish miles / 1:25ish

I rode my bike to work today and then rode home, changed into my running attire and then ran to pick Sirius up from A-pods work. Then we got to do something exciting. I got to run with Running Mama. We made a plan and since I don't carry my phone with me we set a time and a place for me to meet up with her and her handsome little man. It felt like I was setting up a date to meet in the future and how everyone always picks the eiffel tower. Yes I am a huge goober!

Anyways our run was great! I had so much fun chit chatting the miles away. It is just so nice to talk to someone my same age (I am only SLIGHTLY older than mama - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) and talk about life, running, babies, dogs and hubbies. It has been a while since I ran with a friend and just talk the miles away. It was great. Thanks mama for running with SWP and I today!

After meeting up and then departing with Mama SWP and I went the rest of the way back to Alan's work and then begged him for a ride home so we wouldn't have to run anymore. Ok, SWP was begging and I wasn't going to pass up a free ride! My Garmin battery died along the way after departing from Mama and when we left her it was around 7.5 and it looks like it stopped at 7.88. So I have no idea what my final mileage was but I am saying close to 9 and probably close to an hour and twenty something...Who knows!

Below is Mama and my time splits. Mama says she isn't fast but I think we had some good time splits. I am certainly not complaining! It was really warm today and my legs were tired. SWP was also being a slacker so the pace was great!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hills and Exhaustion

5.5 miles / 46:15

I was exhausted today. Yesterday and today I was in all day lectures/trainings and learning really takes a lot out of me. Yesterday I was too tired to do any sort of workout. Today, I planned ahead and convinced Running Mama to do a run with me. We were going to go to Mt. Philo and do some hills. A baby jogger going up hill she said wouldn't be an issue, it is the going downhill that would be crazy scary so we planned on going down to the waterfront and run along the lake.

However, with my all day trainings I was away from my phone and she thought I bailed on our plan so she took off without me. I sat on the couch with my sports bra on and my running skirt, half dressed trying to decide what I should do. I had no motivation to go at all even when I was planning on going with a friend, now, alone, I really had no motivation to head out what so ever.

Somehow, I mustered the strength to finish getting dressed and to head out alone. SWP went to daycare today and so he was wiped out and I knew he would hate me if I even attempted to make him run. I also didn't grab my ipod as I get really anxious outside running alone and am convinced that I will be the girl you read about in the papers that got violently attacked and the body found weeks later and they had to use the dental records to make an identification. Yes, I am morbid and that truly is what my thought process is.

Anyways, I went out for a run. I headed out on the bike path and got to a pivotal point where I could either continue on the relatively flat bike path or make a right, head out on the road and do some hills. I opted to do the hills since I knew I needed to do a hill run this week. They were pretty decent in length and steepness and they tired me out sufficiently. After I went up and down them I headed back onto the bike path to finish my run. The whole time the wind was blowing at me so I felt like I not only was getting a good hill training run in but I also had to resist the wind which was like a double workout. I am definitely very tired now and know I will sleep quite soundly!

Today's run was definitely hard. Even if I hadn't done the hills I still would have been tired. Not quite sure if I just haven't been hydrating enough or not fueling with food properly. I know the past two days I definitely have not drank as much water as I normally do with not knowing when our next break will be for me to get up to use the bathroom and also to re-fill my water bottle etc. Hopefully the rest of the week I can hydrate properly and that wont be a problem.

This run I just felt like I was dragging my feet. Like I knew I was running but for some reason my feet just felt glued to the pavement and I couldn't pick them up enough to make any progress. I blame the wind! Looking at my splits they aren't TERRIBLE, however, I still do not feel like my speed is where it was before my injury and that is really frustrating to me. Oh well. This is just the beginning of racing season and I have many more years left to get some good PRs.
*for some reason mile 3 killed me. That is the only split that is ridiculously different then my other miles. Something to keep in mind. Maybe it is a mental thing? Or, after looking at my elevation chart I was going up a hill during that mile so that COULD have been a factor.


Yesterday was a blah day. I rode my bike to and from work and that was all I did for exercise. I was exhausted. We had meetings and training all day yesterday and will have another full day of the same today. Trainings mentally wear me out and give me no motivation to do anything after they are done. Yesterday I consoled myself with a nice hot bath and reading Trail Runner in the tub. So delightful.

I am a huge water person and seek comfort and sollace from the tub. In college after a long/bad day I would go in the bathroom and make a "wet bar". I would bring a bottle of vodka, a bottle of tonic and sometimes cranberry juice if we had it, and a tray of ice cubes. I would put on some music, usually Ani Difranco and take a hot bath listening to Ani and making mix drinks at my "wet bar". It was great. However, I am older, sober, and mature and so I bring with me running magazines instead now. Oh how times have been a changin'.

ANYWAYS, I know today that I need to get in a good sweat session so I am HOPING that my text to Running Mama will elicit a positive response. I asked her if she wanted to do some "hill training up philo" Sometimes when the motivation for yourself isn't there you have to rely on others. Sometimes guilt trips work too!

Onto exciting news, Running Mama sent me a facebook message yesterday asking if I am in for this. It's a 100 mile relay through Vermont. It starts at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont and then goes south to Okemo Mountain Resort. You sign up with a team of six people for the relay and each person does three legs of the race averaging out in total to running 17 miles. Some legs are shorter (2-4 miles) while others are longer (6-8). My response to RM about this was, "do you not know me at all?"

I am always looking for the next thing to do to push my body to the limit. To find out how hard and far I can push myself. I feel like the type of person I am, I need instant gratification. Running isn't necessarily instant gratification but you can see the progression of improvement. If you start doing hill repeats you notice that running up Battery Street Hill is nothing in comparision to how it felt to run up Mt. Philo. Or doing sprint repeats helps when you push it into the next gear towards the end of a race and smoke some people at the very end when they are gassed out. Its those small things that you do notice and when they happen I get excited and jazzed up to push myself harder and further than I thought I could to improve my craft.

I think doing an all night running relay 100 mile race is just the thing to push me a little bit more. I am so excited for this and really hope that RM and I can find 4 other idiots that want to do it with us! If interested go to the link check out the info and DO IT. It's August 13th. Anyone want to do it, I know you do! Bonus: you can feel like Dean Karnazes doing an all night run for a fraction of the time he actually does it! I AM SO THERE!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

biggest Loser

I feel like the biggest loser when I watch the Biggest Loser because I instantaneously turn into a cry baby corn ball. Not only is the weigh in's tough for me, and then getting through the elimination round but then they have to show the sneak preview for next weeks episode and the tear start up again. I am such a goober. Sorry just had to share!

Monday, May 9, 2011


5 miles / 38 min
60 min Body Pump

The past couple of days I have been noticing an increase in blisters. This does not make me happy. I have a huge blister in between my big toe and my index toe plus a have a huge blister on the tip of my index toe. How does this even happen? I feel like no matter what shoes I wear, whatever socks I wear, treadmill or outside I get a blister. Very annoying. On the bright side, because I get so many they are now no longer sensitive on my feet and they just look ugly but aren't too painful. Bonus! Luck me!

I am very much looking forward to the nice weather this week. I am planning on riding my bike this week and taking full advantage of the sunny weather. Biking to work in the morning and afternoon and then a nice run in the afternoon to Alan's work and pick up SWP and then do a quick run. Thank goodness Spring has sprung and it isn't raining! Yay for sunshine!

Hungry Runner Girl is having an amazing giveaway! She is giving away a pair of New Balance minimalist shoes. I am obsessed with these shoes and am really hoping I win! However, everyone should enter as I already have a pair and think everyone else should have a pair too! SO I know it will hurt my chances (do I even have a chance? she has like over 109485094 followers!) but everyone go to her blog , become a follower and enter to win!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sweat session Saturday

5.7 miles / 44 min

I went to the gym bright and early today and hopped on a tread mill. After running .7 miles on one of the treadmills I just wasn't feeling that particular treadmill. I felt like I was running really fast and it was set at 7.5 mph. I usually run comfortably at that speed on a treadmill and boost it up to 8.0 or faster. I hopped off and jumped on the one right next to it. Perfect. Felt like I was running at the pace it actually said on the display. This is the 2nd time I have run on the first treadmill and the first time I wasn't as smart as I was today and stayed on it for my whole workout. The whole time I felt defeated as I had to keep lowering my speed just to keep up. Clearly the treadmills at my gym are not in tip top working shape - shocking I know!

After changing treadmills I felt great. I did a speed/comfortable run and really enjoyed it. I really love running in the morning because I zone out in a good way. I am present in the moment but my eyes semi glaze over and I just start to stare into outer space. I feel like this helps me when I am running because I tend to forget how uncomfortable I am and I just get through it. Clearly I have to be more present when I am running outside but I relish in my zoning out moments. It almost feels like my legs and everything else is working so hard that my brain has to turn off in order to get everything moving as quick as need be to stay on the machine! Maybe this is why my treadmill times seem to be at a quicker pace than outside?

Workout one done. Next up? A run/walk with Alan and Sirius downtown to pick up some mother's day stuff. Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, May 6, 2011

My sights are set

I am constantly looking for more races to run. Last year I was really big into the shorter races - 5k's. However, this year, I feel like my endurance is up there and I can handle the longer runs. After the Key Bank City Marathon May 29th I didn't have much on my radar. Well, that changed recently. a friend sent me the following info on this gem

Mad Marathon is being held in the Mad river valley and supposed to be quite scenic. They have a full, a half and also relay options. As tempted as I am to try my hand at a full, I still am not feeling like I am there quite yet. I think I will save my full marathon debut for next year's Key Bank Marathon. Plus, running a full in the middle of July, 5 days before my birthday doesn't seem ideal to me. BUT I have done crazier things so I might change my mind. However, I am quite excited for this race. Bonus: finisher medals. WOO HOO!

The course description talks about rolling hills, however, I think that if I work hard on my hill training and keep running up Mt. Philo and doing lots of intense hill/mountain work then hopefully it wont be too much of a killer.

However, the course description also talks about how scenic it is, and also you get to run through a covered bridge. Yay. The covered bridge marathon in Woodstock is a race I have always wanted to do, however, with it selling out almost as quick as Boston, I have yet to get a slot - maybe next year. So with one covered bridge along this course then it will feel like I am in the covered bridge marathon for a few minutes maybe!

Who else is all geeked up with race season this year?
I feel like this year I am in a completely different place than I was last year. Last year I did short distances and was just learning on how to really train. I am faster this year but I feel like I can go for far longer than I could have dreamed of last year. Makes me excited for the endless possibilities for the coming up years. Also excited that apparently females don't start to peak with their training until their 30's. Something I guess positive to look forward to!

Any races on your schedules yet that you are looking forward to?
I am really excited for Key Bank at the end of May. Also now looking forward to the Mad Marathon and am still toying with the idea of a long weekend in Providence, RI to do the rock and roll 1/2 in August.

What are some goals for this year's racing season and how are you training to achieve them?
Training is new for me and feel like I am such a newbie with it, but I am trying to do at least one speed day, one long run day, and one hill training session. The rest of my workouts are reasonable distance and trying to run at a good pace that isn't too tough but isn't too slow either so that I can continue building my endurance up so that my long runs and other training runs aren't too tough.

No Regrets

4.5 / 38:04

This morning I got up, went to work and was there for an hour and a half before leaving. I felt like crap. I came home laid on the floor with Sirius, watched tv, napped and then at 2:30 went to my Physical Therapy appointment.

Afterwards I was feeling better, but feeling like a total sloth so I figured I would try to get in a good sweat session. I knew I didn't want to push it and didn't want to go too far but figured I would go to the end of the bike path and back.

I really had no motivation what so ever to even do this smallish run but forced myself regardless. I kept saying over and over and over, "you have never regretted a run, but you have regretted more often than once or twice not running when you knew you should have." So off I went.

It wasn't a great run. Sirius was tired and hot - he is blowing his winter coat and over heats easily right now due to the excess amount of fur he still has. But it was cool and breezy out. It is so true. I don't regret going out for a little jog at all.

my splits weren't great but hey, they are better than if I hadn't ever gone out to begin with right!?!?!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Speed Wednesday and Butt Cracks

5.5 miles / 41 min
60 min Body Pump

Today was a great speed day. I am back to my routine of doing speed work on Wednesdays and felt like my first time in a while was successful! I put on a great playlist and upped the speed during the chorus of songs. Worked really well!

Another thing that made today's workout great was seeing Running Mama at the gym! It is always so nice to run into friends and have a quick catch up. (I was mid run and she was just starting hers so couldn't chat too long)

So after my run I went to body pump. This guy was set up in front of me and clearly had no idea what he was doing. Whatever. Doesn't bother me or effect me. However, during the back track Mr. Newbie stretched up to do the clean and presses with the weighted bar and his shirt rose and all I could see was crack. I clenched my eyes so tight for the rest of the class. Obviously I had to share the wealth of my knowledge and turned around and stepped to the side so that my mom, who was behind me could get a clear view. What can I say, I am a giver!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Champlain Classic Recap

9.3 miles / 78:51

This course was SUPER hilly. I was dying! I am glad that I did it though. My time was slower than I thought it would be and definitely slower than what I wanted it to be. I really wanted one of those homemade medals and was bummed I didn't get it. I thought that I was really far away from getting one but it turned out that I placed 4th in my age group. Not too bad, but made me even more upset for my lackluster performance. I was happy though that I saw a girl I went to high school with was at the race and she ended up placing 3rd in our age group (3o seconds ahead of me). Her and I talked before the race and afterwards and since our pace is so similar we might try to get together for some long runs. I am pumped because I have been wanting to run with people so this will be great!

Alan came to see me finish and got the following pictures. Thanks A-pod for being my photographer!

Proof that I am not a heel striker! Woo hoo! *Alan says this photo also makes me look speedy!

Not sure what my official time is but according to the Garmin it was 1:18:51.

Overall I thought this was a great race. They altered the course due to the flooding and I guess that made it even hillier than it normally is. It is an out and back course which I tend to not like too much but I didn't mind this one. It was very scenic and pretty so lots to look at. They also had a lot of water stops along the way. I think there was one at mile 1.5, 5, 5.5, 7, 8.5 or something like that.

This is the 21st year of the race and apparently every year a local artist makes the medals. Since my friend Kim got one I got to check it out. They were ceramic or something and they were in different shapes (hers was a triangle) but I saw that some people had circles, some stars, squares etc. They were all painted and the triangle one had a scenic lake Champlain picture on it. Very cool. I told Kim to watch out as I would be coming back next year to over throw her title!

After the race and all the awards were given they did door prizes. A lot of people had left by that point so chances of winning were higher. The door prizes were really nice. $50 dollar gift cards to local restaurants, a free pair of New Balance sneakers at a local running store (fleet feet) $25 gift cards to Fleet feet, free running socks etc. I actually won a prize, I never win anything. I won a New Balance bag. The kind that sinches with the rope that turns into the shoulder straps for the back pack. I wasn't overly thrilled that I got that bag, but better than nothing and it will be a good running bag to put stuff in for races.

Post race there were the typical food. Bagels, bottled water and oranges. Nothing over the top but definitely nice. I am not a big post race eater so that stuff never really matters much to me.

Something that I am a huge fan of is the free t-shirt. Again, a local high school student did the design for the shirts for this year which I thought was nice. I am a huge t-shirt race fan. I like to show my accomplishments in my apparel. I hardly wear them but I definitely collect them. I have high hopes of getting enough shirts to send off to a company to turn into a quilt.

So those are the deets on the Champlain Classic. I would definitely run this one again but I would choose my outfit better. I was really hot (long sleeve shirt with a tank under it and capris) I meant to take my long sleeve top off but semi forgot and regretted it the whole time. Another thing I regretted for the full 1:18 min was not going pee once more before the race started. As soon as I crossed the finish line I ran to tell Alan that I would be running straight to the restrooms as I was about to pee my pants!

Below you can see the elevation levels and my splits.