Thursday, March 3, 2011

7 1/2 hours to get motivation

It is currently a beautiful day with a high temp of 0 degrees. YES, 0 degrees. It is supposed to be a high of 15 degrees today. That is a heat wave! Can't wait! Hopefully there is a wind chill to factor into that temperature and it is actually below 0. That is a great day on the books if I do say so myself.

Living in Vermont, in the winter, is hard. There is nothing easy about the winters here. Being a runner in Vermont in the winter is even harder. There is not enough dri fit material that you can layer to keep you warm some days. Today, will be one of those days.

I haven't run with Sirius in a few days. I treadmilled it yesterday took the day before off. Treadmilled it Monday. Did an easy, 2 mile run on Sunday. I think the last time I ran with him, like really ran a good run with him was last Tuesday, the 22nd! THAT IS WAY TOO LONG. I love him, and he LOVES to run. He might be the sole reason why I now LOVE to run.

I don't have anything else to compare this to, but to run with a dog that was born to run is something almost magical. He literally was bred to run fast and far!

*side story - his mother was rescued from a Canadian sled dog musher. He used his team of dogs to do sled races and sled dog tours. He fell onto hard times. In my opinion, I believe that he wanted to try to save his dogs and to afford to keep them all, so he came up with the plan to breed them. He clearly was over his head when he realized that he had 30 pregnant dogs ontop of the 60+ that he already owned. (30 pregnant dogs would be almost 300 puppies!!!) It was the end of November when the Candian authorities stepped in. They rescued Jadzia (Sirius's mom's name that the rescue org. gave her) and she gave birth to SWP 2 days after the seize. You can read and watch more here *

Sirius grins when he runs; like a real happy, love life, this is the best thing that I could be doing right now, kind of grin. He puts his ears back, opens his mouth ever so slights and turns up his lips. He gets a sparkle in his poop brown colored eyes and he just puts his head down and goes. When we run together you can just tell that he is so in love with you because you are taking him on the best thing that could ever be done. He will turn his head and look up at you. Look right into your eyes with this stupid, happy, grin. It just makes you want to go further and faster than you planned on just to prolong that stupid happy grin of his. I live to run with him. He lives to run with me. Its a great partnership.

However, when it is 0 degrees or a high of 15 it makes it hard to get the motivation to bundle up and to get out there and run. Especially when there are snow banks and snow drifts and icy sidewalks. Makes for a very hazardous run! However, I need to run today. I need to run with SWP. He is at work today with Alan and so I have to run 3 miles alone to pick him up and then I get the company of him for another 3 miles. He usually only gets settled into a rhythm around the 2 mile mark so this run might turn into a longer one than expected. He enjoys 6 milers. So his 6 might be my 9. We'll see. First I need to get motivation to run today. Good thing I have 7.5 hours to think of all the reasons why I should run, and all the reasons why I want to run! Although the only reason I need is him sometimes!

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