Thursday, March 24, 2011

I hate the doctors office

I made an appointment to go get my knee checked out. This is huge. For those of you who know me, I rarely go to the doctors. I had a stomach pain/ache that would be crippling for over a year and I never went to the doctors. I even have a lump in my stomach above my belly button that I have not gotten checked out. Now that I can't run/work out - off to the doctors I go. You can make my stomach hurt so bad that I can't eat but don't you dare eff with my knees and stop me from running!

I will update and let you all know what the doctors say about my effed up knee. I am sure it is runners knee and nothing is torn or anything but just going to get a peace of mind and hope that they tell me I can run through the pain and wont cause any further damage. Yeah not holding my breath that they tell me that, but who knows, they might!

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