Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I swam today after work for an hour and fifteen minutes. I got out, showered so I wouldn't be too chlorinated smelling and then hopped onto a spin bike and did an hour of spinning. I had so much fun today at the gym. Probably the most fun I have had at the gym since not being able to run. I feel like I actually got a good workout in and got the endorphins flowing. Which is exactly what I needed.

My swimming today was a vast improvement since last tuesdays swim. I felt like I was swimming laps really well. Last week I did four laps and was exhausted. This week I did lap after lap and only tried to take breaks after 10 laps and would get some water and then start on my next set. I definitely didn't dilly dally at all. I think part of my laser focus was that I was told that I could only swim until 4:30 because it was reserved. I got in the pool a quarter to 4 and wanted to get the most out of the little time I had. Lucky for me, whoever reserved the lane bailed and I had it up until swim team came in at 5. I busted the through the time I thought I had and then ended up being able to stay in much longer. So nice. I definitely found my rhythm and that was great. On a side note, I started one of my laps and all of a sudden got a killer calf cramp. I haven't had one of those in soooo long. It hurt so bad I thought I would drown. I was seriously crippled with pain. My leg is still so sore from the muscle tightening so much. I felt my leg and it was so tight it felt like a bone! It was crazy. If I was out of the water and had my phone I totally would have taken a picture because I am sure it looked crazy!

After showering and getting into the spin room I was ready to see how my knee would do. I was able to really crank on the resistance and my knee only mildly ached. Which was so nice. We didn't do much out of the sadle so there wasn't too much pressure which I think helped a lot. I definitely was sweating up a storm in the class too and the music was amazing. Not what I would have thought I would want to be hearing when trying to spin but it was what I needed to stay in the zone. Lots of Dave Matthews and Zeppelin. Which, if you don't like that music the class must have sucked but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank God. I needed this day sooo badly.

For the first time I think I will be able to sleep soundly. Not working out has definitely effected my sleeping and giving me some insomnia. Sucks big time. I hope tonight for some sleep that is soundless and deep.

Tomorrow is my Physical Therapy appointment and I am nervous/excited. I want some good news and be told that I can start running again. My knee has been feeling a lot better but there are definitely times that is super stiff and painful and just aches when I am just sitting. I hope this will go away and I can get back to my true love - running. I miss running with SWP and seeing his stupid grin more than anything!

Sorry for such a long post but apparently I had a lot to say!

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