Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weak?!?!?! Who me?????

I just got home from my first (of many apparently) physical therapy appointment. I was a little nervous and didn't know what to expect but it was not too bad at all. PT said that she didn't think it was runners knee but more of a weakness in my hips. Body Pump doesn't have a track for hips so I guess that makes sense. Legs, biceps, triceps, shoulders and back though they do have a track so therefore no weakness there!

PT gave me hips strengthening exercises as well as some stretches that I should be doing all through the day. My co-workers already thought I was off my rocker, now I really will be. I totally have all intentions of doing these exercises in my cubicle.

I am pumped that it isn't runners knee. Although, I am a little pissed that my poor hips were called WEAK. They feel depressed and pathetic. I am going to whip them into shape though and they will be the strongest hips in the world. My hips will not be lying!

On the good news - wasn't this whole post semi good news- PT said that as long as I didn't push the running I could POTENTIALLY run in the unplugged. I just have to stop and walk if I get pain and I can't push a ton and "train" for it. I have the mileage and know that I can do the 1/2. I might not have a stellar time but really, any time will be better than my first 1/2 time and my current PR (2:27:48). I said I can deal with stopping and not going all out. We will re-evaluate once it gets closer. I have to go back twice a week for a bit and that is fine with me as long as I can get to running as soon as possible. I might have mentioned several times that I was desperate and that I would - if was told it would help - rub poop on my leg as a new massage technique to get back up to running faster. Yes, I am pathetic. Another sign that I am pathetic, PT told me to hop on the treadmill and she would evaluate my running. I might have shed a tear of happiness at the mention of the treadmill and might have had a tear or two drop when I cranked the speed up and jogged for 1 min. Yes, simple things make me happy and filled with joy!

I will not be putting my unplugged bib up for sale on craigslist quite yet. I have high hopes of being able to run it and killing it! Who knows, if I haven't run in a while I might be filled with so much joy that I might get under my goal of 1:45:00. I am, for the first time in a while, really excited and not depressed!

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  1. I am so excited that you will be there with/for me!
    Im so excited that your leg doesnt need to be amputated.
    Im impressed that you know 3 cups of peanuts is not the best choice.(major sarcasm);)
    More importantly I heard happiness in your voice and that made me smile!!!!