Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gym Etiquette

6.0 /1.0 / 47min
60min Body Pump

I got to the gym at around 7am, which is when the doors open. Hopped on my treadmill and had a semi decent run. Nothing stellar but it didn't completely suck either. I needed to get in some mileage and get back into running mode. This week has been a killer to my training. Not that I am following a training program by any means. Mentally, though, I felt just out of sync with running. With the crappy weather the beginning of the week and the lack of snow plowing on the side walks this week just has not been my running week. Hopefully with my run today it will just snowball and help me maintain my mileage and my speed and get to where I want to be for the upcoming halves that I have.

After I got off the treadmill I went across the hall into the group fitness room. I set up for body pump prior to my run and I always set up for myself, my mom and sometimes a friend. Today, I set up for my friend Liz, and my mom. I put my mom in the back row which is "her" spot. I was in front of her and Liz to my right. I got into the room 5 mins before class started and my step and stuff is where I put it, and so is my mom's however Liz somehow was up in front. Um. Ok. The lady that was next to me moved Liz closer to the front so that she could be in the back row! GRRR. Some people just have no sense of what Gym Etiquette is.

Let me list a few of "common sense" rules:
1. wipe off your machine when done using it!
2. Sign up for the machines!
4. Don't move other peoples stuff
5. Keep your stuff out of other people's way!
6. If you are a regular and know other regulars in the class, don't snag their spot in the class just because you got there 5 mins before them. You know they are in the same spot every class!
7. Don't grunt, and groan
8. Don't talk during a class
9. Maintain your own space and don't invade others!
10. Don't sing along to your own music on your headphones!

Those are just a few that come to mind. I used to think that people who went to the gym were happy people. I feel so agitated when I am at the gym with all the obnoxious people that are there. Which makes me happy to know that spring is coming and that I can run outside more and more and rely less and less on the gym. Although, I will still go to the gym three times a week for my body pump class. Hopefully the annoying people will keep it to a minimum those three days!

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