Monday, March 28, 2011

Just not cutting it

I did my body pump class sans squats and lunges. Let me tell you, that class was sooo hard when I would do it after running and loading up the bar to squat and lunge. Without running as a warm up, and without doing any lower body, that class is SUPER boring. I don't think I had one bead of sweat during the whole time. LAME-O!

I have my first and hopefully only Physical Therapy appointment on Wednesday and I am hoping that they tell me that I can push through and just ram out some runs and not worry about doing any further damage. I am hoping that I am told that running miles and miles are fine as long as the pain doesn't bother me then not to worry about it. I know the chances of that happening are slim to none but still.

I know I will get better and things happen for a reason. I know that I am not given more than I can handle and that going through trials and tribulations only makes you stronger. These are the things that I tell myself to stop me from crying. Yes, I am pathetic and cry that I can't run. Sorry, what can I say. I am pathetic!

Everyone cross their fingers that I am given the green light on Wednesday!!!!! I am also hoping that swimming and spinning tomorrow will release enough endorphins to shake this funk I am going through and can go back to being my normal, blissfully happy self!

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