Monday, February 28, 2011

It's an Uphill Battle

3.5 miles / 1.0 incline / 28 min
60 min Body Pump

I went on the treadmill today. Before I even started, I didn't want to do it. Mentally I wasn't wanting to run. Physically, nothing was wrong with me, I just mentally made myself tired and gave myself stomach aches. I ran at an incline and it totally defeated me before I even started. I decided to run at a 7.5 which is my "slow" fast pace. I ran a mile at that and bumped it down. I started getting side stitches and bumped it down again. Then some good motivating songs came on my playlist. Eminem's "til I collapse" totally inspired me to try harder. To run until I collapse. To run harder and not give up. To work harder so that I can be proud and know that I did what I had to do and left it all out on the rubber.

Back up to 7.5 I went. I ended the run at an 8.0. Not my greatest run but a decent run for a first run with an incline. I only did 3.5 because I slacked and talked to one of my friends that works at the gym and was running out of time to do much more than 3.5. It also made it a nice round 100 for the month if I stopped at 3.5 so that was ok too.

Music Monday

Today I am listening to some hip hop. Eminem, Dr. Dre, Jay Z etc. It is a gross dreary day and I am feeling very sluggish so I need something to keep me awake and gear me up for a run today.

Almost all of the running blogs that I read they mention when running on a treadmill they put the incline up to 1.0 to simulate being outside instead of just running on a flat the whole time. I think today I will try this out. I think it wont hurt. I mean, it will hurt while I am running, but it wont hurt my training. I am sure my legs will feel very heavy and sluggish afterwards but that is good. Maybe since Wednesdays are dubbed my "speed" day, Mondays can be my incline day? Run at a constant pace but keep the incline at a 1.0? I think it sounds good to me. I will try it at least and see how that works.

*side note: as I am typing this blog I am listening to Eminem's "i'm not afraid" ummm truthfully I am semi afraid of my treadmill workout today. Not going to lie. I am 100% a creature of habit and routine. I am fearful that if I boost the incline then my speed will go down the drain and that I will be really mad at myself. I know I am ridiculous! I will report later tonight and let you all (all 8 of you hahahaha) how it goes!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Epic Fail

2 miles / 16:41

I was all geared up for a run. I was excited. The sun was out. I was dressed to go. I step outside and its snow blindness 100%. Instead of going back inside for my sunglasses I figure it wont be that bad. I wasn't going terribly far so it didn't matter. (was planning on doing a 4.5 mile loop)

I get started on the bike path and am cheering inside my head for how great they plowed it the other day. We got some additional snow last night so it wasn't completely pavement but there was no ice and minimal snow and I was pumped! I had been avoiding the bike path for a week now.

I make it to mile one. The whole first mile I was actively looking at my Garmin and really trying to amp up my speed. It boggles my mind that on the treadmill I can crank out some amazing times but outside it seems to just go to the wind and I am barely under 9 min/miles outside. First mile I am just a little over 8 min. Perfect. Much better than 9+min/mile.

I cross the road to continue on the bike path and bam run into a snow bank. Ok. I stop the Garmin. Walk through the 2+ feet of snow. I figure they did such a great job plowing the bike path they wouldn't have just stopped mid plow, would they? They did. Good bye pavement, hello winter wonderland. I mentally said screw this, and turned around. My head was pounding, my eyes hurt from the glare off the snow and I was annoyed that my run came to a screeching halt. I could have gone on the side walks and kept on to another one of my running routes but no. My run was ruined. I called it a day and went inside. 2 miles in 16:40 is not too shabby. I will take it. I am planning on doing my typical Monday run; mileage pre and post body pump so I will make up for today, tomorrow.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Goodbye Daily Mile

I only used daily mile for about two months and really enjoyed the site. However, I accidentally found out that when my Garmin synced to the website my maps were uploaded. I tried to only allow it to be visible to friends. This didn't work. Alan google searched for me, found me on daily mile, and was able to successfully view my maps. I always started from home and ended at my house so it was VERY easy to figure out where I live. With a serial groper at large in the area I figured it would be better safe, than sorry and delete my account all together. This "serial groper" already lurks around on most of the routes I run on so why make it easier for him to find me with a map that is highlighted to my exact location? *yes i think all people that go around groping are after me in particular and they "settle" and grope others instead when I am not available. I am clearly delusional and boarder line paranoid that something will happen to me one day.

So farewell Daily Mile. Your site was great and I had a lot of fun, however your lack of privacy left me feeling vulnerable!

All of the Lights

6 miles / 43 min
60 min Body Pump

I went to the gym today and knew that I would have a great workout. Having two days off for me was too much in a row. I was going bonkers yesterday. I made a great playlist and was ready for a great run. I hopped on the treadmill and cranked it up to 8.3 ran for .16 miles and then the thing just stopped. I almost fell it was so abrupt. So I had to go sign up for another treadmill and restart. Cranked it up to 8.3 again and because I like to play games when I got to .84 (+.16 = 1mile) I cranked it to 8.4 for .16. When I got to 1 mile I went back to 8.3. This went on for 5.5 miles of cranking it up to 8.4 for the last .16 of the mile. Finally at 5.5 I was going to call it quits but I realized that if I went to 5.84 then I would have essentially ran 6 miles if I combined the two times. So I did. I added the time that it took to run .16 to my time and so I got 43 min in 6 miles. 7:10 min mile pace. Another reason why I wanted to go a little further was Kanye West's song All of the Lights. I am obsessed with this song. Like got goosebumps running sprinting towards the "finish line" obsessed. I just felt so strong.

****I had the video uploaded but for some reason it would automatically play so I removed it as it was quite obnoxious to always have it start playing every time the page refreshed.****

When Rihanna says:

Turn up the lights in here baby
extra bright, I want y'all to see this
turn up the lights in here, baby
you know what I need
want you to see everything
Want you to see all of the lights

I imagined that I was in a stadium and the lights come on and there are crowds so I have to give them something to see. They have to see me running fast! I know I am crazy weird.

It definitely felt a little tougher than Wednesday's run but I feel like overall since I really started running my pace and the ease of the miles are better. I used to run 3 miles on the treadmill before pump and think "geeze what a tough workout" Now 6 miles barely phases me. I have totally crossed over into the crazy land with all the crazies!

I debated on whether I would hop back on the treadmill after body pump or not. I opted not to. I knew Alan wanted to go snowshoeing and I figured that they would have the side walks plowed and so I figured I could do an outdoor run as well. We'll see. I am on the couch right now and boy is it comfy!

Hope you all have a great Saturday and you get some sweat time in!

Friday, February 25, 2011

I bailed

I didn't go to the gym and run on the treadmill. I definitely didn't run outside due to the horrendous weather. So what did I do? I got out of work two hours early and came home and have done NOTHING. I have way too much energy due to two days of no running and am SO bored. Poor A-lana, he worked from home today. I bet he wised I chose the gym or really anything but me being home. I have done nothing but annoy him. Sorry Apod! I promise to TRY to keep it down for the rest of the time you are "at work".

On another note. Because I haven't run in two days I am thoroughly itching to add mileage to my mile counter tomorrow. Expect a double digit day! I am thinking MAYBE a 1/2 marathon? Who knows. Maybe a speed work in the morning, body pump and then some more speed?

More Snow

Vermont is getting more snow today. Which means my much needed break yesterday might have turned into a two day break. I usually am not a fair weather runner. I am out there in the snow, ice, freezing rain with the best of them. However, the sidewalks were already a little scary and I was avoiding the bike path because of last Sundays run and how horrible they were so I know they will only be worse today. I might walk to the gym which is a stones throw from where I live. I usually hate this one, dubbed the golden edge, due to the older clientele that frequents there and how old the machines are that are there as well.

Is it worse to run on a janky treadmill, on icy frozen snowy walk ways with no visibility, or to not run at all. I guess my answer to that question is undecided at the moment.

Thinking Positive

I read Hungry Runner Girl's blog and she had a recent post about an experiement that she is doing in a class room. There is rice in a jar and then you say negative things to the negative jar of rice and positive things to the positive jar of rice. The negative jarred rice is now starting to grow mold in it.

Then there was another experiement with water that Emoto did. The water experiement was positive or negative words towards water and then crystalized. The postive crystalizations were symmetrical and looked like snowflakes. The negative crystalizations were mishappened and softer.

I don't really know the science behind them both however, I know speaking kindly to yourself and to have a nice inner voice dialogue with yourself is important to raise self esteem etc. However, postive thinking could help not get sick, or to get better if sice. The cells in your body listen to what you say to and about yourself and they will "obey".

I don't know if this is a lot of hooey or not but I need to start practicing kindness with myself. I always say, "i can't do that" or "i wont be that fast" or "it would be nice if I could, but I know I never will." I have such negative thoughts and feelings towards myself and my actions. Whatever I do that is an accomplishment, must have been a fluke. If I fail, then there is no wonder becaues I am not that good at that particular thing. I need to think better and higher of myself and set standards higher and strive to reach them. When I do reach those lofty goals, I need to pat myself on the back. Its good to be hard and set high standards but sometimes I need to be a cheerleader and less of a constructive critism coach!

Starting today, I am actively going to be kinder and speak nicer to myself. I will reach my goals with hard work, but when I do, it will not be a fluke. It will be because I worked my butt off and succeeded. When I have a good workout, one that I am proud of, I will not think maybe the treadmill was off, but will pat myself on the back. I will visualize myeslf achieving my goals and will put in the effort to reach those goals. I guess it goes back to what my middle school track coach said, "you will achieve what you visualize."

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Speed Demon

5.5 miles / 37 min
60 min Body Pump

Ummm So....yeah..... Alan said I should work on my speed to reach my goals of running a sub 2hour 1/2. So I have been. So I think I MIGHT be able to do a 1:45 1/2but I wanted to work on speed some more. Wednesday's I am pressed for time at the gym and I have to pick Sirius up from daycare after Body Pump so I can't double dip. What I do from 3:45 until my class at 4:30 is all that I can do. I figured Wednesdays could start to be my "speed work". Since today was my first day of trying this out I didn't really know what to do or how to do it. So basically I started at .6 faster than I usually run at and figured I would increase at every mile. I ended up at a 9.0 MPH! WTF. I was able to do 5.5 miles in 37 min. That is a 6:43min/mile pace! I am not that quick! I felt great though. I didn't feel too tired or anything. I felt like I was working but I felt like I could go faster. Maybe today was just my day? I don't know. It felt easy and so did Body Pump. Maybe it was the shot blocks???? I don't know but I will take it and I am writing in the books. A great workout and I am proud of myself!

Socially Awkward

Maybe the reason why I love to run so much is becaues you don't talk. There is no one there asking you about this, or that. There is no awkward pauses and silences that one feels the need to fill up. There is just me, Sirius and the pavement (or more recently, snow and ice). I never before felt that I was socially awkward. I used to feel like I was gifted with the talent of putting people at ease, Calming nerves and settling fears. Perhaps getting older, or being married to a less than social person has made me a little more blunt? Or maybe, I am losing my talent of social graces? Maybe I never was gifted with this talent and just thought I was good with words?

Lately at work, my social awkwardness has reached an all time high.

Situation #1.
Last week we were having a birthday get together. A person brought in homemade lemon cookies. Anything with Lemon and I am a huge fan. They were delicious. A girl behind me was talking about carbs and how much carbs she thought they might have in one cookie. One of the guys there was joining in on the conversation. The guy that brought them in and the other guy and girl were all discussing this topid. Since I know the one guy is on atkins I asked the girl, "oh are you on atkins too?" She looked at me like I was a complete moron and responded, "no, I am diabetic." Since I felt so awkward thinking she was on atkins to lose weight and in reality she is diabetic which is why she was wondering about the sugar/carbs. There was a long awkward pause. I then, feeling the need to fill the void responded. "oh, that sucks." She again looked at me like a total turd and everyone around that heard started laughing out of pure awkwardness.

Situation #2.
Today I went to the water cooler to fill up my water bottle. I noticed people standing around looking all concerned. We are having "breakfast day" today wehre everyone brings in a breakfast item to share and I thought people were waiting to go to the breakroom to partake. I walked by, and while I was filling up my water I looked around. I noticed one of my co-workers sitting in another co-workers office with her head back. The one lady was on the phone and talking about medical issues. I asked one lady what was going on. She said that lady x thought she was having a heart attack and lady z called 911. I moved out of the way as not to crowd anymore and went to another friends cubicle. Everyone was really concerned and nervous for lady x. Me, feeling the need to lighten the mood and fill the void I said, "well at least lady x will save money by not going to breakfast day." One of my other co-workers looked at me with disgust and said, "that was the rudest thing." I responded, "I am socially awkward?"

One of my good friends at work gave me some advice. She gave me a catch phrase to say to fill the void but to not cause more damage with my social awkwardness. "That is too bad {pause} I am sorry." She said it should work pretty universally and wont be offensive. I will take her up on this advice.

Sorry for such a socially awkward post. Hopefully you don't feel too awkward now.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shot Blocks

6 miles / 52min

I noticed today that my stash of Gu was running low. On my lunch break I went to the grocery store and they don't carry Gu at this store so I opted for Cliff Shot Blocks. I know a few people who love them. Mandi swears by them and to my knowledge only uses them and hates Gu. I bought two packs. They only had the two flavors, BlackCherry and Cran-Raz (I think). The consistency reminded me of the Gu Chomps but not as thick. Easier to chew and to swallow. I didn't feel like they gave me as much energy. I think only the black cherry has caffeine out of the two flavors. I took the cran one so that might have been it. I am used to the Espresso Love Gu which has 2 times the caffeine!!!! All in all they are a good substitute when one can't make it to the store to get the Gu.

On another note, the sidewalks were MUCH improved today than on Sundays outdoor run. Although because they were better that meant more salt on them and that is not a positive for poor Sirius. He is a tough boy though and can handle a little bit ofsalt. If I was planning on going on an outdoor run tomorrow then he would definitely be wearing his booties! Yes, we bought our husky snow boots! We are that ridiculous!

All in all a great run. I was semi not wanting to go but I knew I couldn't say no to this face.

I have never regretted a run that I have gone on. But I have definitely regretted not going on runs before. So, I try to always choose to go on a run when I have the option! It is that simple right?

26.2 miles or 42.2 KM

I haven't yet completed any of my half marathons that I am signed up to do and am already itching to do a full. I did some research and there are two in the fall near where I live. One is in the Islands (October 16th) and the other is in Montreal (September 25th). Both marathons you receive a medal (yes, that is highly important!) The Montreal one costs $80 dollars (canadian) and the South Hero one costs $30. So huge price difference. $50 dollars is a lot. That is $50 dollars that could go towards another marathon. DUH! I am leaning towards the Island one due to how much closer it is to where I live. 30 mins compared to 2hrs driving. Being so close garantees more crowd support. Can anyone say Hi mom and dad? The Island marathon is a little boring. It is an out and back course but it along the lake and on dirt roads etc. I am sure it will be beautiful regardless and honestly, I will be dying so really do I need to have beautiful things to look at while I die? Nope! Although, adding international runner to my resume is tempting....Good thing I have MONTHS to think about this huge dilema! Who knows, I might go crazy and do both!

Monday, February 21, 2011


10 miles / 76:20 TM

Today I woke up thinking I might go to the gym and run on the treadmill due to the sidewalks being so icy and uneven. I thought 5-7 sounded good for mileage. Then I got a text message from Paula and my 5-7 mile workout paled in comparison to what she had just done. She texted me that she completed 10 miles in 96 min. Umm ok she totally upped the ante! She is my partner for the marathon (she's running the first leg and I am running the 2nd) and we both, for some reason, have a fear of letting the other one down. Nothing she could do would disappoint or let me down first of all. Second of all, she is working her butt off, literally (in the tune of 120 lbs + lost in a year!!!!!) Third of all Even though we are both doing a leg of the marathon our time is tracked individually so even if she or I bombed it really wouldn't reflect poorly on the other.

Despite all those things, we still have a fear of letting the other one down. Which is why when I got her text message I was filled with pride, and dread. I was so proud of her for completing 10 miles. But dread because I knew I had to do an equally good run. So off to the gym I went. I read on another blog that a trick to stay sane on the treadmill is to reset the workout after every 5 miles. So I went into the mode of starting at 7.7mph and increasing by .1 every 10 min. and resetting at 5 miles. I reached mile 5 at 38:20 and was at 8.0. I reset the treadmill. Refilled my water bottle. Took another GU. Wiped my face. Re-tied my shoes. Re-did my hair. Quick stretch. Less than 5 minutes later I was back on the TM. I started at 8.0 and then every 10 min. decreased by .1 so I would end my run where I started 7.7. Well I hate slowing down and ending in a decline of speed. SO of course I had to end at an all out sprint. So after running for 5 miles at 7.7 I went back up and ended up finishing at 9.0. Yup I am ridiculous! However, I think this will help me with finishing strong and pushing through the wall of fatigue better. We'll see.

I ran my 10 miles at MP however, I am always faster when I am on the treadmill. Something to do with constantly seeing my pace and mileage. Even though I have a Garmin, It still doesn't force me to run at a faster pace. Hopefully some more long runs on the TM will get me used to running that pace so that when I run outside I will maintain that speed. We'll see. I run usually high 8min miles outside and on the TM I run mid to high 7min miles. I think I need to pay more attention to my Garmin and really work on pacing myself better outside. I think once the snow and ice go away and I am not wearing so many layers that might help as well.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

slip slip slipping

6 miles / 54:30

This run was slightly slower than my usual pace. It was really windy out still today, but not nearly as bad as yesterday. The sidewalks were also really icy. If they weren't completely ice covered than they were all uneven and just begging me to sprain my ankle! I didn't, thank God, but came close a couple of times. I also came close to falling on my butt, taking a face dive and other falling mishaps. Luckily, I have a great running partner and he broke my fall a few times. However, he also caused me to almost fall numerous other times so I guess we are even.

Since getting back from my run I haven't done much. I made myself a smoothie, and drank it while in the shower. Now I am laying on the floor bundled up with Sirius. Heaven. I love the weekends and I love long weekends even more! Yes I am a goober and like to lay on the floor instead of on the couch! I better enjoy my relaxation while it lasts. I have to get ready soon and go out to an early dinner/ late lunch with my parents and Alan. I am looking forward to a nice free meal though. Thanks mom and dad!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crazy Wind

6 miles / 47:30 TM
60 min Body Pump

I am feeling better today. I got up, went to the gym and had a great run. Afterwards I went to Body Pump and still felt great. I am glad that I am feeling better. I was getting worried that I would get full blown sickness for weeks. Thank goodness that I am feeling back to my regular self!

I had every intention after the gym to do some more miles outside with Sirius. However, I had a hair appointment and then by the time I got home it is so windy out I don't dare go outside for fear of being blown over! I took Sirius out a few times today and both times I could barely keep my eyes open because of the wind. It is absolutely ridiculous! I checked the weather and according to it is supposed to be better tomorrow. I will more than likely have to do a double dip tomorrow and then with Monday off I will definitely do another long run. I need to really up my miles these next few weeks to make sure I reach my goal of 100 for this month!

Hope everyone was able to do a run today, or at least do something fun and active. I know I always feel more content after getting a good sweat on! Enjoy this Saturday and hopefully you have a long weekend too!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sick Mode

I didn't do an update on my mileage yesterday because I didn't run yesterday. Pretty simple. I didn't run because for this whole week I felt like I was getting sick. I thought since I ran on Wednesday it would be fine to take a day off, rest, relax and try to fight this cold. I figured if I took the day off I would be well rested and ready for a great run and maybe tackle Battery Street Hill after work. *side story: Battery Street Hill is a long steepish hill that is right at about 13.6 in the marathon. So it will be within the first mile for me as I am running the second leg. I don't really do "hill practices" as when you run outside there is uphills and downhills. Nothing in my usual daily runs come close to the incline and length of BSH so I figured after work I would run to Apod's work, about 3 miles from our house, run up BSH a couple of times, then get the dog and run home. All in all I had planned a nice 7+ mile run with hills.

Well, I rested a little yesterday but today I am in full blown sick mode. I see Nyquil and sleeping for the duration of the afternoon in my near future. Sorry SWP another day of not running for you. I always feel so guilty when I don't run. Not necesarily because i feel like a whimp but because I feel so sad that SWP doesn't get to do one of his favorite things, running! I promise buddy, I will HOPEFULLY be feeling better tomorrow and I will take you on a killer run- hopefully!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a little bit further...

5 miles / 39:30 TM
60 min Body Pump

I had a great run today. I was really pressed for time though so that stunk. I would have liked to go a little longer. I get out of work at 3:30 and rush to the gym on Monday and Wednesdays. Body Pump starts at 4:30 so after setting myself, my mom and whomever else needs to be set up I quickly change and then try to get as many miles on the treadmill in. Usually I get five so that is fine. Today I definitely wanted more than five. Oh well. I had a great run on Monday so this will just have to do for today.

Tomorrow is supposed to be fairly warm, in the 40's. It will be a freaking heat wave! I also heard that it will be in the 50's on Friday. Definitely will be banging out some miles in the next two days. If this weather continues through the weekend I will be one tired girl! Oh well. When I am tired, and SWP is tired, we usually can stay out of trouble for a while and be in A-pizzles good graces!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feet fueled by Miles

I have never really been a super girly girl. I don't get my nails done, getting dressed up is usually gym clothes unless I am going to work, and I wear minimal makeup. I always wanted to be a girly girl. I wanted to be the girl that gets facials, and mani and pedi's and spends time on themselves to make themselves look and feel pretty. Alan calls me a jock. Maybe your either a jock or a girly girl? Whatever. It's a good thing I never got obsessed with getting pedicures because let me tell you I would never subject anyone to look at my feet. I don't even want to look at them!

I have been having an on going battle with my two index toes. They were both black and blue for a while until I popped the blood blister. Then they sort of just looked dead. The nail was not clear, just whitish and brittle with yellow tinge to it. NOW, after my run from last night, the name has completely seperated from the skin. I cut my nails down last night and if I wanted, I could have just peeled the nail right off. I chose instead to let nature run its course. However, I am gross and disturbing and semi can't wait until they fall off. Is it wrong that I feel like losing toe nails are badges of endurance or something? In the book Born to Run, it referenced an ultra runner who surgically had his toe nails removed. What is the fun of that? Didn't he enjoy seeing all his hard work of miles paid off my grossing out everyone?

Monday, February 14, 2011

I love myself enough to run 10.5 miles on Valentines Day

7.5 miles / 1:00:00 TM
60 min Body Pump
3 miles / 24:00 TM

Longest treadmill run in a LONG TIME.

I knew this would be tough so I didn't really mess with the speed at all. Just kept it at 7.5 basically the whole time. I was really tired before I even began the first part of the run (7.5) and then after an hour of squats, lunges, chest press, biceps curls the second run was rough! I did it though.

I wanted to do 10.5 today because today is the 14th and this month only has 28 days in it so I wanted to be at 50 miles by the middle of the month. I really want to try (key word TRY) to get 100 miles every month. So far, I did it in January and by getting to 50 for the middle of this month I am on track. So I completed a month and a half so far.

I am weird. One goal isn't enough (getting 1,000 miles in a year) Of course I had to up the ante and have a new goal of 100 a month. Oh well. It will just get me to my ultimate goal that much quicker I suppose.

Now off to eat the deliciousness that Alan is prepping. Citrus chicken with cous cous. My absolute favorite meal. It has lots of special meaning for the two of us. This was the meal he made for me when he proposed! I totally deserve a great dinner after a great run and I will definitely be eating seconds!!!!

Who I'm Listening to Today

A new thing that I think I might start (if I can remember every week to do this!) is a Who I'm Listening to today entry. I am obsessed with music. Name an emotion and I will find the perfect song. Maybe in a previous life I was a dj or something? I love all types of music; electronic to rap, heavy metal to pop, oldies to reggae. I even enjoy some country due to my old roommate Mandi. So for today, I am going with Mumford and Sons album Sigh no More. This is a great album and fits my mood for today. very contemplative lyrics and a great beat to get me through a monday. I basically love the whole album so will not be skipping any songs. I might, if I get sick of repeating the whole album switch over to Adele's new one, 21. I listened to that one basically all last week and it might have to make an appearance on this Monday as well.

Happy Monday everyone. Happy valentines day as well. V-day isn't a big day for me. Never has been so don't really plan on much for this "holiday". Business as usual. For those of you who do enjoy this day happy valentines and hope its a good one for you!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dinner tonigh

Alan and I are obsessed with tomato soup. Like, majorly obsessed. We have grilled cheese and tomato soup at least once a week. Obsessed. We like to feel classy when we have tomato soup and grilled cheese. So to class it up, we get a french baguette and make little slices. Then we add slices of sharp cheddar. (We live in Vermont, what other type of cheese is there but sharp cheddar?) Broil bread with cheese while soup heats. DELISH. Tonight, to really class it up, on my slices I added mango chutney and had my slices for an appetizer. Alan stuck with the classic and dipped his pieces in the soup. The soup was a new kind for us to try tonight. Usually we do the campbell's typical red and white can and add a can of milk to it. Lately though, I found a Tomato bisque that is quite tasty. Again, we add the milk to that as well. Last night we went to Costco and they had a 9 pack of Campbell's tomato basil bisque. The case was like 5 bucks. Done and done. Gourmet meal, yes please. If you live near a Costco you have to get this stuff. So good.

Snowy Sidewalks and Seven Miles

7 miles / 1:03:00

SWP and I set out for a good run. I checked out mapmyrun to find a good route that we don't normally do. It was so nice to get a scenery change! Because it was a new route it was interesting to see how the sidewalks would be. Well, needless to say they weren't up to my standards. Good thing my standards are low and I dealt. At one point the sidewalks weren't plowed at all and I had to walk through 3 feet of snow. It was a nice way to cool off I guess. Sirius had a blast plowing through the snow drifts and jumping into the snow banks. He, like me, was itching for a good run. Towards the end we were both tired. We had a strong head wind that was blowing snow right into our faces as well as snowy, salty, slushy sidewalks that were hard to grip into.

I had every intention of dropping Sirius off and heading back out for another 5 miles but with the wind and the slushiness I was worn out and called it a day. I am a little disappointed but happy I got 7 miles under my belt and was able to have a fairly decent outdoors run. After getting home I peeled off my sweaty clothes, took a nice hot shower and am now sucking on a yoplait triple berry smoothie with additives obviously. I added a banana, vanilla bourbon protein powder and Almond vanilla milk. MMMMM. Delish. AND to top all that goodness off, I am using my valentines present. THE MARATHON STICK. I am soooo excited. It is all that I have dreamed about and MORE! So amazing on tired, sore muscles. Thanks Alan. I love you and you are the best valentine, and husband ever!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Strep and Running

5 miles / 40 min TM
60 min Body Pump

So I am fairly certain I am in the beginning stages of strep throat. A girl I work with has strep and so does the rest of her family. I have hung out with her all week as she didn't think she had it. She got tested to be certain and the doctors called her yesterday to tell her that yes, she did test positive. WONDERFUL. I felt fine yesterday, fine last night. Except I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't swallow. Not a good sign. I got up when my alarm went off and got ready for the gym. I was able to get through my run and for the majority of body pump. Now I feel drained. My throat hurts. My head hurts, and guess what, so do my ears. YAY! I am hoping its just a cold and will go away in a few hours. Wishful thinking! I have an epic run on tap for tomorrow and really do not want this sore throat / cold or whatever it is to get in my way.

I should be happy that at least I got 5 miles in. Better than nothing. Now onto relaxing, as I clearly need to lay low and rest up to get better.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bic Bands

So I am a huge Skinny Runner fan! and she is having an amazing giveaway from Bic Bands. You all should totally check them out. So many amazing color combos. I definitely want to buy like 40928504982098. The skinnie minnies look so cute. I usually wear the goody ultra thin bands but they are just solid colors. These are way cooler as they are ribbon and fun! Great gifts! Can't wait to buy some for myself. OR if anyone wants to buy me some that would be completely fine as well. I like anything that is green, as obvi its my fave color!

Sweet Tooth Fix

So I have a mega sweet tooth. I try to ignore it and not give in. However, I am also a HUGE peanut butter / almond butter fiend! SO I just found the best of both worlds and its semi healthy too....well, it isn't a candy bar so anything is better than that I guess. I love the small packets. I don't trust myself with a whole jar! I just squeeze a little on a banana and I feel like I have been a little bad, not not TOO bad. I have tried the chocolate almond, which is amazing. The chocolate hazlenut, which I thought was a little too sweet. The maple almond, which was so delish, the honey peanut butter, and the honey almond butter. All are great tasting. But for a sweet tooth fix, check out the single serving chocolate packs!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gu really is magic

6 miles / 47:27

I had a great run today. I took my gu, espresso love, and I was off. I totally noticed a difference between Mondays run and today. It could be all mental and I wasn't feeling a run on Monday and I definitely wanted to bust out a great run today, but whichever it was I am taking it!

Looking back on when I first started to run and then looking at my miles and my time now I am amazed at how my body has transformed and changed to adapt to my higher miles and my faster pace. I have lost close to 40lbs and have lost over 4 minutes on my average mile. I used to want to be a runner and would think how will I know once I have crossed over. My friend said, you are a runner when you want to run and if you have a bad day it gets better with a run. I guess I am now a runner. I have run through all four seasons. I have run through blizzards and have run through down pours. I get a thrill to know that I am the only crazy person on a path running in horrible weather. I am proud of my accomplishments and can't wait to see how much better I can get. That's my rant. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mary Madness

so I listened to my body and took another rest day. After yesterday's struggle of a run (no gu, maybe it really is magic potion, Paula.) I knew today wouldn't be stellar and it would make me that much more bummed. Work has been crazy yesterday and today and I didn't sleep well Sunday night. Let's see, how many other excuses can I come up with? I am not trying to come up with excuses, just reasons why I shouldn't be so bummed about a slacker day on Monday, and no run at all today.

ANYWAYS, I am signed up for the Key Bank City Marathon and am super pumped about that and today I officially signed up for the 13.1 unplugged marathon that is 8 weeks prior to the KBCM. So I think it will be a great training run for the KBCM and a great gage to see how much more training and work needs to get done in those 8 weeks. I also want to sign up for the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in Providence. I am trying to convince a few girlfriends to do it with me and turn it into a girls weekend. However, I wouldn't be opposed to it being a nice weekend getaway with Alan either. OR it could be the best of both worlds! I also just emailed my sister in law to see if she would want to make it a family event too. I figured with the different groups of people I have tried to con into doing it with me I might get at least ONE person to actually sign up and do it with me! Who's with me? SIGN UP already! What are you waiting for???? (ok I haven't even signed up yet so no worries - haha)

Monday, February 7, 2011


4 miles / 34min

The treadmill was the death of me today. I didn't have any gu, I didn't eat all that much today so I definitely was drained before I even started. I don't think if it hadn't been for a sugar free redbull from M then I wouldn't have been able to even do the 4 miles that I did. Oh well. There is always tomorrow.

On to the good news. My team was picked in the lottery to run in the Vermont City Marathon. I am so pumped. I didn't really have any doubts as I wasn't sure how many people wouldn't get picked. But we got picked, and other people did. BOO YA! I am running it with the fabulous Paula from If it was easy. I am so proud of her and am so excited to run this huge thing with her!

So today's run sucked, but I will make up for it because I do not want to let my marathon partner down!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

13 miles

6 miles / 53:53min
2 miles / cool down

so this morning I did 5 miles. This afternoon I did 6 miles and then did a 2 mile walk with a friend. So basically I did a 1/2 marathon today. Granted it was broken up a bit, but still. I am feeling pretty good about my sweat session today. My body feels healthy, happy and strong. Which is nice because those calf cramps were really cramping my style! Hopefully everyone was able to enjoy the amazing weather today! 34 Degrees! it was a heat wave! More snow on the way...hopefully they clear the sidewalks fast. I have more runs planned this weekend!

smoothies and more

5 miles / 38:30 TM
60 min. body pump

It is a beautiful winter day today. 30 degrees, sunny, little to no wind at all. So I skipped my post pump run and will be doing an outdoor run instead with Sirius. It will be more fun that way than pounding the belt at the gym.

After the gym I came home and made THE BEST SMOOTHIE EVER. I am obsessed lately with fruit and all things fruit related. I found the yoplait smoothie mixes a while ago and have really liked them. Well today I did a little add on to the yoplait mix. I put the strawberry banana one in the bullet with Almond vanilla silk (i have no idea if this is almond milk flavored with vanilla, or if it is soy milk and its almond and vanilla flavored or what but its delish!) so i blended that a bit and then added bourbon vanilla tera's whey protein poweder. DELISH. It tasted like strawberry ice cream. The vanilla protein powder just made it that much creamier. I highly recommend everyone try making this immediately! Yes, it's that good!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

February's First

6.5 miles / 59min

The sidewalks were crappy for the majority of it. But I finally got my first February's run in. No complaints, or at least not too many! The sun was out, not too cold, few people out and about. Perfect run. I felt very connected to the world. Sirius and I were just breathing and the only sounds we could hear were our own breaths and our feet hitting and crunching in the snow. I wish I had my camera with me at a few different points. The sun shining on Mt. Mansfield and the snow glistening. It was truly amazing and made me so happy to be out there and so thankful that I can run.

I read a blog and she often talks about "this is why I run". I love to run, and have so many reasons why I love to run and why I want to run. However, today visually speaking I saw why I love to run. I was so at peace. I could have gone for another loop around however the dog was tired and I had to pee. Next time....But at least I got a good one in today! Hope you all had a great Thursday sweat session. I know M did (way to go on the 7.5!!!!!!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So I got out of work today at noon due to the snow. Which was so nice because that meant Alan and I could go snowshoeing with SWP together. We had a blast. It was so amazing. The fresh snow covering all the trees. No one out and about, just the two of us. Amazing. I enjoyed the afternoon so much just spending it with my boys. It made me forget that I haven't run, nor will I be running. Which is ok. Its ok to take a few days off and cross train or to do something else. It will just make me that much more appreciative when I go out tomorrow. Which I am definitely planning on doing.

Some pictures from our snowshoe trip...


What I look like after Alan hits a tree covered in snow while I am standing under it.

Alan and Sirius posing

Sirius ready to go

Sirius after an hour and a half of snowshoeing. He is quite the snow mutt!

I hate seeing zero

So today is day two of February. Yesterday I took all my mileage off for the month of January in preparation to make room for february's month mileage. It has stayed at 0 for a solid 24 hours. BOO. I hate the number zero. I hate seeing zero for the month. I know its only the second day of february but I really am not enjoying it.

SO...stupid or not, I am going to run today. It will either be outside with SWP or inside at the gym around the corner from my house. I would love to be outside because I would love to see the stupid grin on wiki's face. However it will all depend on the plowing of the bike path.

I am at work right now, HOPING to be able to leave early. So hopefully I get to leave early, and hopefully the sidewalk plow has been out and I can have at least a little run so that I can stop seeing zero!

Also, mega shout out of congrats to Paula. She just texted me as I am typing this entry and said she ran 9 miles in 96 min. WHICH IS AMAZING for anyone, but amazing considering she just barely started running not that long ago. I convinced her to sign up for the marathon and be a relay partner for me so that we both would do 1/2 of it. She accepted and has really stepped up her game. I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished this past year. Everyone go check out her blog ASAP. (I just figured out how to link a web address to a word. I rock. Alan are you proud of me? Tell me you're proud of me!)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blog Giveaways

So I read Hungry Runner Girl and she mentioned this blog and its amazing give away ( So obviously I went to check out the blog, and check out the give away. Plus I get a new blog that I get to follow and stalk. Once I catch up on a blog it gets boring. Nothing else to read. SO i love finding new blogs so I can back read. I am lame I know. so you should (both) totally go check out the blog and enter to win the give away!


So the snow will probably force me to take a needed break (why would my calves seize up and go on strike if not because I have been working them too hard?) I am disapointed about my break and hoping that the City of S.B will get their act together and continuously plow the bike path that I run along and the side walks that get me to said bikepath. However, I am doubtful that will happen just because of the dramatic amount of snow they are reporting that we are going to get. SO, more than likly I will be sipping on cocoa and staring out the window with the dog wishing we were outside running in the snow. Because if you guys (the two of you that are following me and my husband only because when he married me it was apart of our vows that he follows me on any blog that I might create and support me in all my bad decisions, which go hand in hand with blogging) didn't already know, he and I were born to run. (Shout out to Apod (sorry i know you hate it when I refer to you as apod, apizzle, adizzle or any other stupid name i come up with0 for buying me that book for xmas and on the card that came with the book it said, this is what you and puppy were born to do - I totally guessed what the present was as i shouted, BORN TO RUN)

*Sorry for my poor grammar. My parents are from W. Va and bad grammar, puncuation, spelling, run on sentences, the inability to create propper sentence structure and paragraphs I blame on them and the inbreeding.