Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No rest for the wicked

Yesterday we got a huge storm. I think the final count was 25 inches of snow in less than 24 hours. Pretty ridic. It was the third largest storm in VT's history! Since the side walks weren't plowed (umm main roads weren't plowed!!!!) I knew an outdoor run was out of the question. I was hoping to head in doors for another treadmill run.

I live really close to one of my gyms locations and can walk there in less than 5 minutes so I didn't have to drive. I started getting mentally prepared to brave the weather and to trek the LONG trip to the gym when I got an email from the gym saying they weren't opening until 3pm. Ok. I can handle that. So I rested and relaxed for the morning. Then I got another email saying that none of the locations were opening except one. NOT the one that is near me. DARN. So, I opted for some other form of exercise. I pulled mine and A-sneezies snow shoes out and he and I went along the bike path. It was so pretty and SWP had a blast bunny hopping his way through the snow.

I felt like it was a great workout because there was so much snow and you really had to lift your legs up and push yourself through the snow. I also used poles so felt like I got some abdominal twisting action going on.

After we got back I knew I had to do the enevitable. I had to dig my car out from the snow. I had about 5 feet from the side where the plows didn't get too close to dig out from as well as the 3 feet in front and in back. I started shoveling and had to carry the snow around my car over the side walk to dump into the garden area. Digging, picking up, and carrying pounds of snow for 5 feet walks at a time is a lot of fun! I was definitely sweating up a storn and can feel it in my shoulders. Screw Body Pump. I need to weekly shovel snow apparently! I was cooking and digging up a storm UNTIL my shovel broke. The shovel was a small one that I kept in the back of my car for "just in case" purposes. It had an extendable arm and was really nice and compact. The handle broke up so I was left with only a 12 inch by 12 inch shovel area and a 1.5 foot long arm. UM ok. This is fun. Things went a lot slower then!

Note to self: get a new shovel! You live in Vermont!!!!

A pain as it was to dig out yesterday, it was a great workout and I had absolutely no issues getting out this morning! (they still haven't plowed!!!) Thanks A for helping me dig yesterday! I appreciate it!!!!

I am hoping that they do lots of plowing on the side walks and I can get out for a little run today after work. I know Sirius will enjoy it and I will love being out in the fresh air! My legs are craving a little run and I don't want to disapoint! If the side walks aren't plowed, then I will be hoofing it to the treadmills tomorrow pre pump I guess.

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