Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am not even putting how far I went today on my run. The reasoning behind this? Because it was under a mile. I was so excited all day because it was absolutely beautiful out. I couldn't wait to get home and change and go out for a run. Well, on my way home I scoped out the side walks. They looked bad but I thought maybe I could run on the road and go on roads that weren't too busy. Yeah that didn't work out too well. The roads are so narrow because of the snow banks that are taking the shoulder room on the roads and no side walks were plowed.

So instead of letting that ruin my day Sirius and I ran through snow banks and he had a blast burrowing through the snow and catching my snow balls I was throwing at him. I skipped my workout but I know tomorrow I will make up for it with a nice long run and body pump! Hopefully the snow storm we are getting on Thursday wont be too bad so that the plowing can start on the sidewalks and I can get to running outside again!

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  1. At least you made the best of it! Sounds like Sirius had fun. :)