Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amazing Run

7.1 miles / 54:30

I had a great run with Sirius. He must have taken my threats seriously because we had one of the best runs we have had in a while. We really picked up the speed and it felt great.

I wore a different pair of running shoes than I normally do (I usually wear my heavy north face ones because they are waterproof). I think my time outside is normally slower than the treadmill because the weight of the shoes are so different. My North Face ones are significantly heavier than any other pair of shoe I have. My feet felt so much lighter in fact I felt like I was doing high knees or something! Crazy. I noticed though that today's time was closer to what I normally run on the treadmill at so maybe the shoes did make a huge difference. Who would have though! haha.

Most of my splits were under 8 min/mile except for mile 4 and 5. Sirius was getting a little tired at that point and just kept wanting to get into the snow and roll around. I finally was able to get him back into "working mode" and keep going for the home stretch.

It was just so nice outside today. It made me realize that spring is just around the corner and warmer weather is coming soon. It was nice to be able to go out in regular running shoes, capris and a thin 1/4 zip top. I even wore sunglasses the whole time!

This run was exactly what I needed. I am feeling more and more confident in my ability to run the 1/2 marathon that is coming up in just a few weeks and not only am I confident that I will finish better than my previous 1/2 marathon time but I really am hoping to reach my 1:45:00 goal! We'll see. I know if I don't do it this first time I have a few more halves coming up that I can do it in!

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