Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

a lot of people do Triple Tangent Tuesdays, or What I'm loving Wednesdays, or Thankful Thursdays. Today's post is a spin off on What I'm Loving Wednesday but it will not be what I am enjoying right now. It will be what is driving me bananas!
So here is my first ever, What I am HATING Wednesdays!

1. I am hating that after my stellar run on Sunday night I have not had any mileage at all. Oh wait, I did run yesterday (less than a mile - thank you snow banks and unplowed sidewalks!)

2. I am hating that all of a sudden I have twelve year old boy acne! I have amazingly clear skin and never ever break out. I started to use Jergens gradual tanning lotion or whatever and loved it. I used it on my arms and legs and really noticed a difference and looked a lot tanner. Well they also make a face moisturizer so I recently bought that. Ummm yeah. Hello gross nastiness! It is actually quite embarassing and the only way I make it through the day is to laugh about it. But really, I am crying inside! Ok maybe not that dramatic....or maybe ....

3. I am hating that I ordered SEVEN yes 7 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. What the heck was I thinking!!!! I don't even allow myself to buy chips or anything at the grocery store because I know my husband and I way too well. Once we buy something like that it is GONE. Plus it is a waste of money and we are trying to be really good about saving lately. So not only do we eat junk food way too quickly that it is a waste but it is a waste because then we have extra poundage. So as a rule I just don't buy junk food. That has been going on for years now. Well I must have been caught at a moment of weakness or something becasue I put an order in for 7 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. These 7 boxes will probably be the end to me! I hope they are well hidden at our house (Alan I know you are reading this - go hide the cookies!!!!!)

4. I am hating nail polish residue. Sunday I painted my nails a dark greyish black color and was really excited. I haven't painted my nails in SO LONG and wanted a little change. Well after I got back from the gym and showered and did the dishes they were PEELING off. Like the whole entire thing of polish peeled off my nails. UMM ok. So I peeled as much as I could off from the others and then used nail polish remover. I still have black on the edges. I used q-tips to try to get in the cracks. Nope. Nothing. Fine, I am over it!

5. I am hating how much I am loving Justin's Nut Butter. I ate a whole jar last week and still am in shock over my gluttony. But don't worry. I went to the store and bought two more jars! I needed one for home and one for work so the withdrawl shakes wouldn't be so bad! I also recruited another addict. Poor A-snizzle he didnt' even stand a chance against the powers of the honey peanut butter goodness! Sorry Love. Addicts love company! Welcome to the addiction! (if you haven't bought a jar of any of Justin's nut butter, I implore you to do so immediately so you too can feel powerless against the deliciousness!)

6. I am hating that I got up early to take the dog out and started my car so that it would be nice and warm this morning when I left for work and wouldn't have to scrape the windshield. Well that was a nice thought. I did start my car. However when I went back out to leave for work the ice was still on my windshield and other windows. I forgot to put the heat on so it was still cold in my car. What a ding dong I am! That was a fail!

7. I am hating my hair. Lately I just have not known what to do with it. I am tired of seeing it so blonde and straight but don't know what else I can do with it. I have been entertaining the thought of going darker. But I don't want to look like a vampire! (my complexion is rumored to be on the verge of albinoism!) I also am scared that it will take a LONG time to go back from brown to blonde if I hate it so much. I also really like my hair long, but latley it has been really sraggly at the ends. I even just got a trim and feel like the ends are back to being unhealthy. I blame the harsh wind and snow from when I run outside. If anyone has any great ideas let me know. I don't want to go short because I have been there (several times) and not wanting to do that again. I really like Blake Lively's hair, however it is long and blonde...

but I also really like this....

I really have no idea what to do with these locks. Part of me wants to stop being blonde to get my hair healthy. Part of me wants to stay blonde because I always have been. If I continue doing what I've always done I will continually get what I already have. Or something like that.

8. I am really hating how either retarded I am, or how stupid blogger is because it took me no joke an hour to write this post because of the pictures. I love to read blogs with pictures. The more pics, the more entertained I am. So I want to have my blog be a blog that I would want to read. So that means more pictures. For some reason the pictures are never placed where I want them to be. Instead they are always placed at the top. Which means I either need to get all the pictures put in first and then write my blog, OR I need to take an hour to make a single post. I have tried to use blogger in IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, nothing makes a difference. So clearly either blogger SUCKS or I am dumb and can't figure out a simple thing. (in my defence Alan couldn't figure it out either however he hates blogger so who knows if he even really tried....) If I continue doing this blog thing, then I will definitely be switching to something else....

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