Monday, March 14, 2011

The Secret

Last year I started to read the book, The Secret. I heard some great things about it and wanted to see how it worked for me. Well, just like a lot of things I do, I never finished the book. However, the mainstream shortened version I picked up was that if you think something will happen, it will. If you think it wont, then you're right. Kind of like that previous post I did about negative thinking. Anyways, I have mildly tried to do this in my life.

Example 1.
HGTV is having a dream home give away. I entered in twice daily for the two months and have been planning on how to rearrange the furniture so that Alan and I feel more at home when we win it and move in.

Example 2.
How great I will look in a bikini this year. I imagine having a toned six pack and well defined arms.

Example 3.
How great I will feel when I cross the finish line at 1:45 mark for my 13.1 I am running in a few weeks.

The whole idea is envisioning yourself doing something, or achieving something and sending those positive waves out into the environment and because you are surrounding yourself with those thoughts they will come true.

Sometimes I feel like this works. Other times I think its just coincidental. I guess I haven't really bought into the whole idea yet. Well, this weekend I definitely had a moment where it might be true.

I have been talkign to Alan about getting my bike tuned up and how I would like to start riding my bike to work. I mapped out the route and it would be along the bike paths for the most part and it would be under 5 miles to ride it. Not bad at all. Not only would it be some great cross training, but it would also save on gas and miles on my car. However, I need to get my bike tuned up. I basically haven't ridden my bike in 3 years. I suck I know. Well, I went and bought the Sundays paper yesterday and guess waht was on the front. A coupon sticker for a local bike/ski shop and its $20 dollars off a tune up! WOO HOO. I am booking an appointment today and taking it as a sign to stop saying and thinking about riding my bike and to actually ride it!

If the secret worked on my bike idea, hopefully it will work with that HGTV dream home in Stowe!!!! I promise you all can come and visit!!!!!

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