Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Hating Wednesday (WIHM)

I totally am hating on all of my music lately. I want to download some new stuff but I can’t even think of anything. All the music I like is classic rock lately and if you didn’t know they aren’t making any more classic rock.

I hate being bored all day. I started training for a new position at work and I thought that would keep me busy. Not so much. There are a lot of gaps in between training sessions and we are supposed to read reference material in our down time. Umm Yeah that is really boring!

I hate my whole wardrobe. Half of it fits weird, slightly too big and just looks messy. I haven’t been shopping since before Christmas and I don’t NEED to go and don’t want to spend money unnecessarily since we are trying to save for a house etc. But just have been so annoyed every morning when trying to get dressed. I just am over all my clothes and the way that they fit and look on me. I am ready for spring / summer weather so I can wear some of my dresses. However those will probably look just as sloppy as everything else! Definitely a down side to downsizing my size is none of my cute clothes I have collected through the years fit and look nice anymore. Definitely time to hit the mall soon and get some staples that fit! Maybe someday….Like when NOTHING fits and it is a NEED!

I am still hating my knee but hopefully after today’s physical therapy appointment I will be hating it less. I think I am setting myself up for disappointment because I have my heart set on the fact that they are going to give me the go ahead to get back to running and that I can run the Unplugged ½ marathon on 4.9. Yes, I realize that this is setting me up for disappointment but I am trying to send positive energy into the world and see if it will come back to me. Clearly that has worked so well in the past (think HGTV dream house that we didn’t win…)

I am not enjoying the fact that I have been writing down all my food, and have analyzed every thing that I eat / drink and the calories in each morsel in an effort to make up for last weeks weigh in debacle and I am not seeing the numbers on the scale. I even did over an hour of swimming and an hour of spinning and worked really hard and I gained .5 lb over night. Really? I am just hoping its water weight or something and will go away by Sunday’s weigh in. If not, then oh well. I am not going to do anything drastic but just frustrating!

I hate how much getting certified to do anything costs. I went through a few years ago and got certified to be a personal trainer. I never really did much with that certification and basically let it expire. It makes me sad to think about the money I wasted on the certification, however, I got certified while I was unemployed and it gave me a purpose to get up in the morning. I had to study, I had to go to the gym, and I had to study some more. I want to get certified to be a spin instructor, but it costs over 300 dollars. I know the cost will pay for itself with getting a free membership at the gym and I am not looking to make money doing it. It just sucks that it costs so much. I guess since it is for two years it isn’t THAT expensive, but thinking of spending 300 dollars right not makes me nervous! I think I might contact my gym and see what their needs are for a spin instructor.

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