Thursday, March 24, 2011

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome "Runner's Knee"

The doctor said I have Patellofemoral which is Runner's Knee. He said that I need to not run and more than likely will not be running in the unplugged 1/2 on April 9th. However, I feel like I am a strong person, in good shape and usually heal fast. Plus, I feel like doctors are always doom and gloom and aire on the side of caution. I will wait until I have no pain, continue to swim and bike and HOPE I can keep my endurance up so that I WILL be able to run pain free April 9th.

We shall see.

I am hoping that now that the weather is warming up I can get back into my Vibrams and the pain should go away with that as well. I love my Vibrams and was afraid that this would happen in the winter season. It was actually my biggest fear going into the winter that once I stopped wearing my 5 fingers that I would get injured. Looks like I was right! GRRRR. I hate it when I am right aout something bad like this. Why couldn't I be right when I thought we were going to win the HGTV dream house?

If you want more info on this check out the runner's world magainze article about it. I actually learned a lot also from the comment section. Like Omega 3 is good as an anti-inflammatory. Who knew?

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