Saturday, March 5, 2011

I guess I should cancel that farewell party I was planning for my good friend Winter

I guess we are supposed to be getting 8-16 more inches of snow. NBD. It was warm, not sunny or anything beautiful like that, but warm today. Like 44 degrees warm. LOVED IT. I only had to wear two layers for my run outside and my outer layer was thinner than my normal outer layer. It was amazing. I didn't wear a hat today either. It felt very liberating. However, It supposedly is going to be raining tonight and into tomorrow morning and then changing over to snow and the temp is supposed to drop from the 40's to I don't even know what but we will have 35mph winds. YAY. Sounds like an amazing day for a run if you ask me! Maybe if I start out early enough I wont be too much of a drowned rat? On the upside, the rain will soak me and so I wont be blown over by the wind that way!

Hope everyone is able to get a good weekend run in! I had a semi good run today and am hoping for a good one tomorrow. Hopefully I will get in a 7 mile loop before the snow arrives and turns the slippery ice into even more of a hazard!

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