Tuesday, March 15, 2011

40 degrees and running capri's

Today is supposed to reach a inferno levels here in VT. It is supposed to be at least 40 degrees by the time I am set out to run! I don't even know how to dress for 40 degrees! I am thinking my running capris might finally make an appearance for the first time in 2011! I am so stinking excited for sunshine and a little warmth and less layers. I don't know how lil' Sirius Wiki will do in this heat. Anything over 20 degrees and he has his tongue out and is panting up a storm. He, I am sure, will even stop mid run and roll in the snow a bit. Oh well. I will have to let him. Hopefully not too many more days that he will be able to have a snow bath!!!

I am thinking 7 miles might be good for todays run. I have a great loop that doesn't involve going on the bike path at all - which is STILL not plowed!!!!! I am sure the side walks will be flooded but a little water never hurt anyones feet!

Speaking of wet feet. I bought a pair of North Face "winter running shoes" that are water proof. I LOVE them. They have lasted all winter and had great tread and prevented a lot of slipping around. However, they are getting too many miles on them, and the seam on the top right shoe is coming undone. The past two times I have run in them my right foot has gotten wet. I am slightly irritated and am even more anxious now for warmer DRYER weather. I will definitely be purchasing another pair of these next winter OR maybe a pair of the winter Vibrams!!!!! Either way, I might have to purchase two pairs of winter running shoes for next winter as I am sure to add more miles than this year. At least that is the hope!!!!

As much as I knock winter, and snow, I will really miss it. It has been great just SWP and I running together. Because it's cold not very many people are out so the paths and side walks are pretty deserted. Its just us, our breaths and our feet making any sort of noises. It has really evolved my love for running. It makes me appreciate that I can run. If you haven't run outside in the cold yet, I recommend it. There is nothing more beautiful than watching the sun rise, or set, and you can see your breath in the air. It's amazing and I will miss it. However, the spring, summer and fall also are amazing in their own way. I am excited to revisit each season with my shoes and my dog!


  1. waterproof running shoes sound like such a good idea! i get used to cold feet sometimes haha. (maybe this will be good for my wedding day someday? haha)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE my waterproof running shoes! I think Nike also makes a goretex shoe as well as New Balance! I think next year I might go with a different brand than North Face just because they are a little stiff for my liking but they were a great shoe to last through the winter - or the most part of the winter! Definitely will help with cold feet for a wedding! hahahaha. TOO FUNNY!