Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So the snow will probably force me to take a needed break (why would my calves seize up and go on strike if not because I have been working them too hard?) I am disapointed about my break and hoping that the City of S.B will get their act together and continuously plow the bike path that I run along and the side walks that get me to said bikepath. However, I am doubtful that will happen just because of the dramatic amount of snow they are reporting that we are going to get. SO, more than likly I will be sipping on cocoa and staring out the window with the dog wishing we were outside running in the snow. Because if you guys (the two of you that are following me and my husband only because when he married me it was apart of our vows that he follows me on any blog that I might create and support me in all my bad decisions, which go hand in hand with blogging) didn't already know, he and I were born to run. (Shout out to Apod (sorry i know you hate it when I refer to you as apod, apizzle, adizzle or any other stupid name i come up with0 for buying me that book for xmas and on the card that came with the book it said, this is what you and puppy were born to do - I totally guessed what the present was as i shouted, BORN TO RUN)

*Sorry for my poor grammar. My parents are from W. Va and bad grammar, puncuation, spelling, run on sentences, the inability to create propper sentence structure and paragraphs I blame on them and the inbreeding.

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  1. Im pissed that I may not be able to go to the gym however I will use the elliptical tomorrow maybe the universe knew we needed a break :0 )