Saturday, February 5, 2011

smoothies and more

5 miles / 38:30 TM
60 min. body pump

It is a beautiful winter day today. 30 degrees, sunny, little to no wind at all. So I skipped my post pump run and will be doing an outdoor run instead with Sirius. It will be more fun that way than pounding the belt at the gym.

After the gym I came home and made THE BEST SMOOTHIE EVER. I am obsessed lately with fruit and all things fruit related. I found the yoplait smoothie mixes a while ago and have really liked them. Well today I did a little add on to the yoplait mix. I put the strawberry banana one in the bullet with Almond vanilla silk (i have no idea if this is almond milk flavored with vanilla, or if it is soy milk and its almond and vanilla flavored or what but its delish!) so i blended that a bit and then added bourbon vanilla tera's whey protein poweder. DELISH. It tasted like strawberry ice cream. The vanilla protein powder just made it that much creamier. I highly recommend everyone try making this immediately! Yes, it's that good!!!

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