Thursday, February 3, 2011

February's First

6.5 miles / 59min

The sidewalks were crappy for the majority of it. But I finally got my first February's run in. No complaints, or at least not too many! The sun was out, not too cold, few people out and about. Perfect run. I felt very connected to the world. Sirius and I were just breathing and the only sounds we could hear were our own breaths and our feet hitting and crunching in the snow. I wish I had my camera with me at a few different points. The sun shining on Mt. Mansfield and the snow glistening. It was truly amazing and made me so happy to be out there and so thankful that I can run.

I read a blog and she often talks about "this is why I run". I love to run, and have so many reasons why I love to run and why I want to run. However, today visually speaking I saw why I love to run. I was so at peace. I could have gone for another loop around however the dog was tired and I had to pee. Next time....But at least I got a good one in today! Hope you all had a great Thursday sweat session. I know M did (way to go on the 7.5!!!!!!)

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