Tuesday, February 22, 2011

26.2 miles or 42.2 KM

I haven't yet completed any of my half marathons that I am signed up to do and am already itching to do a full. I did some research and there are two in the fall near where I live. One is in the Islands (October 16th) and the other is in Montreal (September 25th). Both marathons you receive a medal (yes, that is highly important!) The Montreal one costs $80 dollars (canadian) and the South Hero one costs $30. So huge price difference. $50 dollars is a lot. That is $50 dollars that could go towards another marathon. DUH! I am leaning towards the Island one due to how much closer it is to where I live. 30 mins compared to 2hrs driving. Being so close garantees more crowd support. Can anyone say Hi mom and dad? The Island marathon is a little boring. It is an out and back course but it along the lake and on dirt roads etc. I am sure it will be beautiful regardless and honestly, I will be dying so really do I need to have beautiful things to look at while I die? Nope! Although, adding international runner to my resume is tempting....Good thing I have MONTHS to think about this huge dilema! Who knows, I might go crazy and do both!


  1. Veronica doesnt say much these days however she is very expressive. One thing she does is shake her head back and forth when we say "go crazy" or when she wants us to know shes "going crazy"

    So in the lack of words from my 1 year old (im shaking my head back and forth)

    "GO CRAZY"

  2. P-diddy, i'll go crazy, if you go crazy! haha

  3. I went crazy with the unplugged for me that crazy :)