Friday, February 25, 2011

Thinking Positive

I read Hungry Runner Girl's blog and she had a recent post about an experiement that she is doing in a class room. There is rice in a jar and then you say negative things to the negative jar of rice and positive things to the positive jar of rice. The negative jarred rice is now starting to grow mold in it.

Then there was another experiement with water that Emoto did. The water experiement was positive or negative words towards water and then crystalized. The postive crystalizations were symmetrical and looked like snowflakes. The negative crystalizations were mishappened and softer.

I don't really know the science behind them both however, I know speaking kindly to yourself and to have a nice inner voice dialogue with yourself is important to raise self esteem etc. However, postive thinking could help not get sick, or to get better if sice. The cells in your body listen to what you say to and about yourself and they will "obey".

I don't know if this is a lot of hooey or not but I need to start practicing kindness with myself. I always say, "i can't do that" or "i wont be that fast" or "it would be nice if I could, but I know I never will." I have such negative thoughts and feelings towards myself and my actions. Whatever I do that is an accomplishment, must have been a fluke. If I fail, then there is no wonder becaues I am not that good at that particular thing. I need to think better and higher of myself and set standards higher and strive to reach them. When I do reach those lofty goals, I need to pat myself on the back. Its good to be hard and set high standards but sometimes I need to be a cheerleader and less of a constructive critism coach!

Starting today, I am actively going to be kinder and speak nicer to myself. I will reach my goals with hard work, but when I do, it will not be a fluke. It will be because I worked my butt off and succeeded. When I have a good workout, one that I am proud of, I will not think maybe the treadmill was off, but will pat myself on the back. I will visualize myeslf achieving my goals and will put in the effort to reach those goals. I guess it goes back to what my middle school track coach said, "you will achieve what you visualize."

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