Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shot Blocks

6 miles / 52min

I noticed today that my stash of Gu was running low. On my lunch break I went to the grocery store and they don't carry Gu at this store so I opted for Cliff Shot Blocks. I know a few people who love them. Mandi swears by them and to my knowledge only uses them and hates Gu. I bought two packs. They only had the two flavors, BlackCherry and Cran-Raz (I think). The consistency reminded me of the Gu Chomps but not as thick. Easier to chew and to swallow. I didn't feel like they gave me as much energy. I think only the black cherry has caffeine out of the two flavors. I took the cran one so that might have been it. I am used to the Espresso Love Gu which has 2 times the caffeine!!!! All in all they are a good substitute when one can't make it to the store to get the Gu.

On another note, the sidewalks were MUCH improved today than on Sundays outdoor run. Although because they were better that meant more salt on them and that is not a positive for poor Sirius. He is a tough boy though and can handle a little bit ofsalt. If I was planning on going on an outdoor run tomorrow then he would definitely be wearing his booties! Yes, we bought our husky snow boots! We are that ridiculous!

All in all a great run. I was semi not wanting to go but I knew I couldn't say no to this face.

I have never regretted a run that I have gone on. But I have definitely regretted not going on runs before. So, I try to always choose to go on a run when I have the option! It is that simple right?

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