Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feet fueled by Miles

I have never really been a super girly girl. I don't get my nails done, getting dressed up is usually gym clothes unless I am going to work, and I wear minimal makeup. I always wanted to be a girly girl. I wanted to be the girl that gets facials, and mani and pedi's and spends time on themselves to make themselves look and feel pretty. Alan calls me a jock. Maybe your either a jock or a girly girl? Whatever. It's a good thing I never got obsessed with getting pedicures because let me tell you I would never subject anyone to look at my feet. I don't even want to look at them!

I have been having an on going battle with my two index toes. They were both black and blue for a while until I popped the blood blister. Then they sort of just looked dead. The nail was not clear, just whitish and brittle with yellow tinge to it. NOW, after my run from last night, the name has completely seperated from the skin. I cut my nails down last night and if I wanted, I could have just peeled the nail right off. I chose instead to let nature run its course. However, I am gross and disturbing and semi can't wait until they fall off. Is it wrong that I feel like losing toe nails are badges of endurance or something? In the book Born to Run, it referenced an ultra runner who surgically had his toe nails removed. What is the fun of that? Didn't he enjoy seeing all his hard work of miles paid off my grossing out everyone?


  1. I do recall you coming in to an early appointment with evening makeup done at like 930 am!!! HMMM???? I would say you are a perfect mix of a beautiful athletic lady!!!

    Ummm my big toe nail is gone and growing back. And under my other big toe I have a blister on a blister. Gross but its a sign of hardwork, like mechanics have dirty black hands. Runners have funny feet :)

    The lady painted my slowly growing 1/8" toe nail and I thought of you (color= dark sparle emerald green)


  2. I did my makeup to compete with YOU! hahaha. Gotta love our runners feet and all the stuff that goes along with them! THANK YOU for being perfect you!!!!!!!!!!

  3. haha I luckily haven't lost any toenails yet-but maybe that means I'm not working hard enough! :)

  4. hahaha...i love your last sentence. Agreed! It's kind of like a badge of honor when you have a black toenail. haha

    And I'm not much of a girly girl either. Sometimes it's fun, but most of the time I just feel like I'm not very good at it.

  5. I have never lost a toe nail, came close once. I think losing a toe nail grants entrance to some sort of exclusive running club. Like, you're not a serious runner unless you've lost a toe nail.