Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Socially Awkward

Maybe the reason why I love to run so much is becaues you don't talk. There is no one there asking you about this, or that. There is no awkward pauses and silences that one feels the need to fill up. There is just me, Sirius and the pavement (or more recently, snow and ice). I never before felt that I was socially awkward. I used to feel like I was gifted with the talent of putting people at ease, Calming nerves and settling fears. Perhaps getting older, or being married to a less than social person has made me a little more blunt? Or maybe, I am losing my talent of social graces? Maybe I never was gifted with this talent and just thought I was good with words?

Lately at work, my social awkwardness has reached an all time high.

Situation #1.
Last week we were having a birthday get together. A person brought in homemade lemon cookies. Anything with Lemon and I am a huge fan. They were delicious. A girl behind me was talking about carbs and how much carbs she thought they might have in one cookie. One of the guys there was joining in on the conversation. The guy that brought them in and the other guy and girl were all discussing this topid. Since I know the one guy is on atkins I asked the girl, "oh are you on atkins too?" She looked at me like I was a complete moron and responded, "no, I am diabetic." Since I felt so awkward thinking she was on atkins to lose weight and in reality she is diabetic which is why she was wondering about the sugar/carbs. There was a long awkward pause. I then, feeling the need to fill the void responded. "oh, that sucks." She again looked at me like a total turd and everyone around that heard started laughing out of pure awkwardness.

Situation #2.
Today I went to the water cooler to fill up my water bottle. I noticed people standing around looking all concerned. We are having "breakfast day" today wehre everyone brings in a breakfast item to share and I thought people were waiting to go to the breakroom to partake. I walked by, and while I was filling up my water I looked around. I noticed one of my co-workers sitting in another co-workers office with her head back. The one lady was on the phone and talking about medical issues. I asked one lady what was going on. She said that lady x thought she was having a heart attack and lady z called 911. I moved out of the way as not to crowd anymore and went to another friends cubicle. Everyone was really concerned and nervous for lady x. Me, feeling the need to lighten the mood and fill the void I said, "well at least lady x will save money by not going to breakfast day." One of my other co-workers looked at me with disgust and said, "that was the rudest thing." I responded, "I am socially awkward?"

One of my good friends at work gave me some advice. She gave me a catch phrase to say to fill the void but to not cause more damage with my social awkwardness. "That is too bad {pause} I am sorry." She said it should work pretty universally and wont be offensive. I will take her up on this advice.

Sorry for such a socially awkward post. Hopefully you don't feel too awkward now.

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