Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gu really is magic

6 miles / 47:27

I had a great run today. I took my gu, espresso love, and I was off. I totally noticed a difference between Mondays run and today. It could be all mental and I wasn't feeling a run on Monday and I definitely wanted to bust out a great run today, but whichever it was I am taking it!

Looking back on when I first started to run and then looking at my miles and my time now I am amazed at how my body has transformed and changed to adapt to my higher miles and my faster pace. I have lost close to 40lbs and have lost over 4 minutes on my average mile. I used to want to be a runner and would think how will I know once I have crossed over. My friend said, you are a runner when you want to run and if you have a bad day it gets better with a run. I guess I am now a runner. I have run through all four seasons. I have run through blizzards and have run through down pours. I get a thrill to know that I am the only crazy person on a path running in horrible weather. I am proud of my accomplishments and can't wait to see how much better I can get. That's my rant. Thanks for reading!


  1. Keep up the awesome work!
    You have improved so much! And there is so much more to come! :)

  2. You killed it today Wahoo!!! You know I'm secretly like that bitch because I want those results however I know I'm on the path you started and you have put in hours and days of hard work and you deserve everything you have. I am so proud of you And you inspire me to be a better runner!!!