Monday, February 21, 2011


10 miles / 76:20 TM

Today I woke up thinking I might go to the gym and run on the treadmill due to the sidewalks being so icy and uneven. I thought 5-7 sounded good for mileage. Then I got a text message from Paula and my 5-7 mile workout paled in comparison to what she had just done. She texted me that she completed 10 miles in 96 min. Umm ok she totally upped the ante! She is my partner for the marathon (she's running the first leg and I am running the 2nd) and we both, for some reason, have a fear of letting the other one down. Nothing she could do would disappoint or let me down first of all. Second of all, she is working her butt off, literally (in the tune of 120 lbs + lost in a year!!!!!) Third of all Even though we are both doing a leg of the marathon our time is tracked individually so even if she or I bombed it really wouldn't reflect poorly on the other.

Despite all those things, we still have a fear of letting the other one down. Which is why when I got her text message I was filled with pride, and dread. I was so proud of her for completing 10 miles. But dread because I knew I had to do an equally good run. So off to the gym I went. I read on another blog that a trick to stay sane on the treadmill is to reset the workout after every 5 miles. So I went into the mode of starting at 7.7mph and increasing by .1 every 10 min. and resetting at 5 miles. I reached mile 5 at 38:20 and was at 8.0. I reset the treadmill. Refilled my water bottle. Took another GU. Wiped my face. Re-tied my shoes. Re-did my hair. Quick stretch. Less than 5 minutes later I was back on the TM. I started at 8.0 and then every 10 min. decreased by .1 so I would end my run where I started 7.7. Well I hate slowing down and ending in a decline of speed. SO of course I had to end at an all out sprint. So after running for 5 miles at 7.7 I went back up and ended up finishing at 9.0. Yup I am ridiculous! However, I think this will help me with finishing strong and pushing through the wall of fatigue better. We'll see.

I ran my 10 miles at MP however, I am always faster when I am on the treadmill. Something to do with constantly seeing my pace and mileage. Even though I have a Garmin, It still doesn't force me to run at a faster pace. Hopefully some more long runs on the TM will get me used to running that pace so that when I run outside I will maintain that speed. We'll see. I run usually high 8min miles outside and on the TM I run mid to high 7min miles. I think I need to pay more attention to my Garmin and really work on pacing myself better outside. I think once the snow and ice go away and I am not wearing so many layers that might help as well.


  1. I found running with friends helps me pace better! We use our garmin and help eachother get to the speed we want! :)

  2. Great run! It's great that you have a friendship like that where you can push each other and encourage each other. And way to push hard at the end!