Friday, February 18, 2011

Sick Mode

I didn't do an update on my mileage yesterday because I didn't run yesterday. Pretty simple. I didn't run because for this whole week I felt like I was getting sick. I thought since I ran on Wednesday it would be fine to take a day off, rest, relax and try to fight this cold. I figured if I took the day off I would be well rested and ready for a great run and maybe tackle Battery Street Hill after work. *side story: Battery Street Hill is a long steepish hill that is right at about 13.6 in the marathon. So it will be within the first mile for me as I am running the second leg. I don't really do "hill practices" as when you run outside there is uphills and downhills. Nothing in my usual daily runs come close to the incline and length of BSH so I figured after work I would run to Apod's work, about 3 miles from our house, run up BSH a couple of times, then get the dog and run home. All in all I had planned a nice 7+ mile run with hills.

Well, I rested a little yesterday but today I am in full blown sick mode. I see Nyquil and sleeping for the duration of the afternoon in my near future. Sorry SWP another day of not running for you. I always feel so guilty when I don't run. Not necesarily because i feel like a whimp but because I feel so sad that SWP doesn't get to do one of his favorite things, running! I promise buddy, I will HOPEFULLY be feeling better tomorrow and I will take you on a killer run- hopefully!


  1. I hope you feel better! Maybe you got sick because SWP needed a rest and he cant tell you he has chin/paw splints and he wouldnt not go for a run because he loves it so much!!! Hmm just a thought!!! Im thankful you get to do BSH!!! Fell better soon chicken soup for you!!!

  2. Feel better soon and get your rest!