Saturday, February 26, 2011

Goodbye Daily Mile

I only used daily mile for about two months and really enjoyed the site. However, I accidentally found out that when my Garmin synced to the website my maps were uploaded. I tried to only allow it to be visible to friends. This didn't work. Alan google searched for me, found me on daily mile, and was able to successfully view my maps. I always started from home and ended at my house so it was VERY easy to figure out where I live. With a serial groper at large in the area I figured it would be better safe, than sorry and delete my account all together. This "serial groper" already lurks around on most of the routes I run on so why make it easier for him to find me with a map that is highlighted to my exact location? *yes i think all people that go around groping are after me in particular and they "settle" and grope others instead when I am not available. I am clearly delusional and boarder line paranoid that something will happen to me one day.

So farewell Daily Mile. Your site was great and I had a lot of fun, however your lack of privacy left me feeling vulnerable!

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  1. Melissa I know its not funny however I know I said this last time... I think i may laugh if some one came up and slapped my ass then laughed and took off.... Im trying to think that this groper is an innocent ass slapper however i know thats probably not the case. I too am very delusional and also would have removed myself... Stay safe lady!!!