Monday, February 14, 2011

I love myself enough to run 10.5 miles on Valentines Day

7.5 miles / 1:00:00 TM
60 min Body Pump
3 miles / 24:00 TM

Longest treadmill run in a LONG TIME.

I knew this would be tough so I didn't really mess with the speed at all. Just kept it at 7.5 basically the whole time. I was really tired before I even began the first part of the run (7.5) and then after an hour of squats, lunges, chest press, biceps curls the second run was rough! I did it though.

I wanted to do 10.5 today because today is the 14th and this month only has 28 days in it so I wanted to be at 50 miles by the middle of the month. I really want to try (key word TRY) to get 100 miles every month. So far, I did it in January and by getting to 50 for the middle of this month I am on track. So I completed a month and a half so far.

I am weird. One goal isn't enough (getting 1,000 miles in a year) Of course I had to up the ante and have a new goal of 100 a month. Oh well. It will just get me to my ultimate goal that much quicker I suppose.

Now off to eat the deliciousness that Alan is prepping. Citrus chicken with cous cous. My absolute favorite meal. It has lots of special meaning for the two of us. This was the meal he made for me when he proposed! I totally deserve a great dinner after a great run and I will definitely be eating seconds!!!!

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