Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dinner tonigh

Alan and I are obsessed with tomato soup. Like, majorly obsessed. We have grilled cheese and tomato soup at least once a week. Obsessed. We like to feel classy when we have tomato soup and grilled cheese. So to class it up, we get a french baguette and make little slices. Then we add slices of sharp cheddar. (We live in Vermont, what other type of cheese is there but sharp cheddar?) Broil bread with cheese while soup heats. DELISH. Tonight, to really class it up, on my slices I added mango chutney and had my slices for an appetizer. Alan stuck with the classic and dipped his pieces in the soup. The soup was a new kind for us to try tonight. Usually we do the campbell's typical red and white can and add a can of milk to it. Lately though, I found a Tomato bisque that is quite tasty. Again, we add the milk to that as well. Last night we went to Costco and they had a 9 pack of Campbell's tomato basil bisque. The case was like 5 bucks. Done and done. Gourmet meal, yes please. If you live near a Costco you have to get this stuff. So good.

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