Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snowy Sidewalks and Seven Miles

7 miles / 1:03:00

SWP and I set out for a good run. I checked out mapmyrun to find a good route that we don't normally do. It was so nice to get a scenery change! Because it was a new route it was interesting to see how the sidewalks would be. Well, needless to say they weren't up to my standards. Good thing my standards are low and I dealt. At one point the sidewalks weren't plowed at all and I had to walk through 3 feet of snow. It was a nice way to cool off I guess. Sirius had a blast plowing through the snow drifts and jumping into the snow banks. He, like me, was itching for a good run. Towards the end we were both tired. We had a strong head wind that was blowing snow right into our faces as well as snowy, salty, slushy sidewalks that were hard to grip into.

I had every intention of dropping Sirius off and heading back out for another 5 miles but with the wind and the slushiness I was worn out and called it a day. I am a little disappointed but happy I got 7 miles under my belt and was able to have a fairly decent outdoors run. After getting home I peeled off my sweaty clothes, took a nice hot shower and am now sucking on a yoplait triple berry smoothie with additives obviously. I added a banana, vanilla bourbon protein powder and Almond vanilla milk. MMMMM. Delish. AND to top all that goodness off, I am using my valentines present. THE MARATHON STICK. I am soooo excited. It is all that I have dreamed about and MORE! So amazing on tired, sore muscles. Thanks Alan. I love you and you are the best valentine, and husband ever!


  1. Just found your blog today! Way to bust out 7 miles while also trudging through 3 feet of snow. Enjoy your Sunday! :)