Monday, February 7, 2011


4 miles / 34min

The treadmill was the death of me today. I didn't have any gu, I didn't eat all that much today so I definitely was drained before I even started. I don't think if it hadn't been for a sugar free redbull from M then I wouldn't have been able to even do the 4 miles that I did. Oh well. There is always tomorrow.

On to the good news. My team was picked in the lottery to run in the Vermont City Marathon. I am so pumped. I didn't really have any doubts as I wasn't sure how many people wouldn't get picked. But we got picked, and other people did. BOO YA! I am running it with the fabulous Paula from If it was easy. I am so proud of her and am so excited to run this huge thing with her!

So today's run sucked, but I will make up for it because I do not want to let my marathon partner down!


  1. Dont you "BLAH" me missy!!! Melissa the average American could not run 4 miles in 34 minutes! You did an amazing run.

    However I totally get it. I think im cheating myself if I ONLY run 4 miles. WTF we are sick btw.

    You could hobble down your half of the marathon and you wouldnt let me down.

    Keep it up!!!

  2. Congrats on getting picked for the marathon!

    I agree with Paula! That is an awesome run!