Monday, January 31, 2011

Calf cramps SUCK

5 miles / 38:30ish TM

60 min Body Pump

3 miles / 26ish TM

So I made it to 100. Let me tell you, if I didn't have a goal, there would not have been any running today. I was tired, not feeling it at all. Last week my right calf kept cramping up. This week the left. AWESOME! I hobbled 8 miles and called it a day. It sucked, I have nothing nice to say about either run. Maybe I can con a great rub down out of Alan....Maybe....probably not though. I really need to invest in the Marathon stick.

Nothing else to report. I am tired. Unmotivated. Disappointed. I love running and when I don't have a great run, I get depressed. I am going to go wallow now. Not really, but probably ice my calf, massage it and then go to bed. At least I reached 100 for the month....there is something.


  1. Dearest Melissa... your running has been inspiring me to run quicker. I think of you every morning when im running!(hence i text you on my accomplishments) I want the mileage counter on my blog but dont know how to put it there. You did a great job on your runs. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY (words from, well, you...) dont hurt yourself. Dont get depressed you made a fantastic choice to run today, twice! You are taking care of yourself that is nothing to get depressed about. I usually take these days and think okay I have to have an easy day at some point tomorrow I will go faster/longer!!! Chin up buttercup!!!

  2. To get the mileage counter you go into design and then on the right hand corner it says add gaget or whatever. You just add text and then every time I run I manually add the miles and re-write the text. Did that make any sense at all??? I am really bad at explaining things. haha. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I appreciate them. I was just in a funk last night. Feeling better today. The snow will give me a day or two of rest which will do me good.

  3. I love the marathon stick! It's great when I don't feel like foam rolling!

    Keep your head up! We all have our not so good runs.

  4. Jessica, what is the diff between the foam rolling and the stick? Do they do the same thing? Or do they work things out differently? My friend and I were talking about it yesterday. Great to get someones input that has both!