Monday, February 14, 2011

Who I'm Listening to Today

A new thing that I think I might start (if I can remember every week to do this!) is a Who I'm Listening to today entry. I am obsessed with music. Name an emotion and I will find the perfect song. Maybe in a previous life I was a dj or something? I love all types of music; electronic to rap, heavy metal to pop, oldies to reggae. I even enjoy some country due to my old roommate Mandi. So for today, I am going with Mumford and Sons album Sigh no More. This is a great album and fits my mood for today. very contemplative lyrics and a great beat to get me through a monday. I basically love the whole album so will not be skipping any songs. I might, if I get sick of repeating the whole album switch over to Adele's new one, 21. I listened to that one basically all last week and it might have to make an appearance on this Monday as well.

Happy Monday everyone. Happy valentines day as well. V-day isn't a big day for me. Never has been so don't really plan on much for this "holiday". Business as usual. For those of you who do enjoy this day happy valentines and hope its a good one for you!

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