Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I hate seeing zero

So today is day two of February. Yesterday I took all my mileage off for the month of January in preparation to make room for february's month mileage. It has stayed at 0 for a solid 24 hours. BOO. I hate the number zero. I hate seeing zero for the month. I know its only the second day of february but I really am not enjoying it.

SO...stupid or not, I am going to run today. It will either be outside with SWP or inside at the gym around the corner from my house. I would love to be outside because I would love to see the stupid grin on wiki's face. However it will all depend on the plowing of the bike path.

I am at work right now, HOPING to be able to leave early. So hopefully I get to leave early, and hopefully the sidewalk plow has been out and I can have at least a little run so that I can stop seeing zero!

Also, mega shout out of congrats to Paula. She just texted me as I am typing this entry and said she ran 9 miles in 96 min. WHICH IS AMAZING for anyone, but amazing considering she just barely started running not that long ago. I convinced her to sign up for the marathon and be a relay partner for me so that we both would do 1/2 of it. She accepted and has really stepped up her game. I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished this past year. Everyone go check out her blog ASAP. (I just figured out how to link a web address to a word. I rock. Alan are you proud of me? Tell me you're proud of me!)

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  1. Thanks Melissa!!! It was long! I often thought of you and hoping you were still putting me in the proud mama category since YOU have INSPIRED me in SOOOOO many ways! Thank you Thank you!!!

    PS I want us to rock the marathon :) I know you will so I HAVE to step up my game!!!