Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweet Tooth Fix

So I have a mega sweet tooth. I try to ignore it and not give in. However, I am also a HUGE peanut butter / almond butter fiend! SO I just found the best of both worlds and its semi healthy too....well, it isn't a candy bar so anything is better than that I guess. I love the small packets. I don't trust myself with a whole jar! I just squeeze a little on a banana and I feel like I have been a little bad, not not TOO bad. I have tried the chocolate almond, which is amazing. The chocolate hazlenut, which I thought was a little too sweet. The maple almond, which was so delish, the honey peanut butter, and the honey almond butter. All are great tasting. But for a sweet tooth fix, check out the single serving chocolate packs!

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