Friday, February 25, 2011

More Snow

Vermont is getting more snow today. Which means my much needed break yesterday might have turned into a two day break. I usually am not a fair weather runner. I am out there in the snow, ice, freezing rain with the best of them. However, the sidewalks were already a little scary and I was avoiding the bike path because of last Sundays run and how horrible they were so I know they will only be worse today. I might walk to the gym which is a stones throw from where I live. I usually hate this one, dubbed the golden edge, due to the older clientele that frequents there and how old the machines are that are there as well.

Is it worse to run on a janky treadmill, on icy frozen snowy walk ways with no visibility, or to not run at all. I guess my answer to that question is undecided at the moment.

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