Sunday, February 27, 2011

Epic Fail

2 miles / 16:41

I was all geared up for a run. I was excited. The sun was out. I was dressed to go. I step outside and its snow blindness 100%. Instead of going back inside for my sunglasses I figure it wont be that bad. I wasn't going terribly far so it didn't matter. (was planning on doing a 4.5 mile loop)

I get started on the bike path and am cheering inside my head for how great they plowed it the other day. We got some additional snow last night so it wasn't completely pavement but there was no ice and minimal snow and I was pumped! I had been avoiding the bike path for a week now.

I make it to mile one. The whole first mile I was actively looking at my Garmin and really trying to amp up my speed. It boggles my mind that on the treadmill I can crank out some amazing times but outside it seems to just go to the wind and I am barely under 9 min/miles outside. First mile I am just a little over 8 min. Perfect. Much better than 9+min/mile.

I cross the road to continue on the bike path and bam run into a snow bank. Ok. I stop the Garmin. Walk through the 2+ feet of snow. I figure they did such a great job plowing the bike path they wouldn't have just stopped mid plow, would they? They did. Good bye pavement, hello winter wonderland. I mentally said screw this, and turned around. My head was pounding, my eyes hurt from the glare off the snow and I was annoyed that my run came to a screeching halt. I could have gone on the side walks and kept on to another one of my running routes but no. My run was ruined. I called it a day and went inside. 2 miles in 16:40 is not too shabby. I will take it. I am planning on doing my typical Monday run; mileage pre and post body pump so I will make up for today, tomorrow.

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